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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Week 2 HoH is Devin, nominations are set

Tv personality Julie Chen attends Premiere Of CBS Television Studios & Amblin Television's 'Extant' at California Science Center on June 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

The men rule the roost on "Big Brother 16" and the week two Head of Household is no exception. The "BB16" motto of "expect the unexpected" rings true this season as contestants scramble to rework their strategies. With two HoH winners and four house guests on the block each week, this season really will require a much different strategy than season past. This week according to Wetpaint on Friday, the final HoH is Devin and he has picked Paola and Brittany as his nominations.

This week the men and women competed separately. This meant that there would be one male and one female Head of Household. Greek themed with the sorority sisters going first and the fraternity brothers going last. The competition required the house guests to balance across a beam while carrying a beer keg prop. The first house guest to deliver all of their kegs to the other side without falling off the beam won.

Initially it was Cody who Julie announced as the winner of the HoH competition. Unfortunately for Cody though, the tape was reviewed and it was determined that his foot hit the ground before the last keg was placed. Devin won for the men and Amber won for the women.

For nominations, Amber put up Nicole and Hayden. Devin nominated Paola and Brittany just as he previously told Caleb he would do. When it came down to the Battle of the Block, Paola offered to throw the competition and make sure Devin stays HoH because he told her Brittany is his target. That said, Nicole and Hayden won the Battle of the Block and Devin stayed the Head of Household.

According to Devin, his aim is to eliminate Brittany this week. Unless she wins the Power of Veto competition, it looks like the newly single mom will be heading home.

Are you watching season 16 of "Big Brother?" Who is your favorite to win this year?

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