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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Veto results confirm predictable eviction target

Julie Chen might need to make Week 10 more interesting on BB16.
Julie Chen might need to make Week 10 more interesting on BB16.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Big Brother 16” spoilers now indicate a specific houseguest is going home. These “Big Brother 16” spoilers come from early Sunday (Aug. 24) as it has become obvious from the Veto results that the target is doomed. According to a report from Big Brother Network, Head of Household Cody is about to get his way. It was obvious who he preferred to be evicted when he nominated Nicole and Donny, but now it is going to be set in stone.

Over the weekend, Cody also won the Power of Veto and he intends to just let the nominations stand. It means the houseguests are going to be voting on whether to keep Donny or Nicole and nearly everyone has 100 percent made up their mind. When the Thursday night (Aug. 28) eviction ceremony takes place, it is now expected to be a unanimous vote to send Donny to the jury. This is despite his strategy to convince the other two members of Team America to keep him around. Derrick and Frankie claim America doesn’t want that.

Now it seems like the rest of the week is going to plod along at that the Veto ceremony is going to reveal no surprises. Unless something shocking happens, the next installment of “Big Brother 16” spoilers won’t reveal anything new to fans or viewers of the live feeds. The CBS web site indicates that the next episode is on Sunday night at 8 pm PT/ET, but it will likely only cover the most recent HOH results and the nomination ceremony. Many fans also feel that the season is about to become too predictable.