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‘Big Brother 16’ spoilers: Update to dual HoH and Battle of the Block twists?

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America knew before the “Big Brother 16” houseguests that there would be two Heads of Household each week. But the houseguests may now know something that America does not. There may be an additional twist to the weekly dual Head of Household competition and win.

The “Big Brother” subscriber-only paid feeds went live on June 26 at 10 pm PT, June 27 at 1 am ET, and fans found out which "Big Brother 16" houseguests were nominated for eviction. They also discovered that each Head of Household chose two nominees for the other Head of Household.

What does this twist mean? Caleb nominated two houseguests to compete in the Battle of the Block on behalf of Frankie. In return, Frankie chose two houseguests to compete in the Battle of the Block for Caleb. Frankie must have chosen Brittany and Victoria to participate in the Battle of the Block competition. When they won, it kept Caleb safe. This means that Frankie’s picks must have been for Caleb. It is not known if the Heads of Household knew they were picking for the other when they made their choices.

Fans thought each Head of Household would get to choose their own nominees. This would mean each Head of Household might want to choose their strongest players each week in the hopes that this would keep both the nominees and the HoH safe from eviction. This is not the case if each HoH is choosing for the other.

Brittany and Victoria won the Battle of the Block and Frankie lost his Head of Household standing. What this means is, Caleb must have chosen who would compete for Frankie and he choose Donny and Paola. They lost and they are still on the chopping block and Frankie is vulnerable.

This latest twist to the new “Big Brother 16” dual HoH and Battle of the Block twists will make for an interesting season. And because this has been advertised as the “most twisted season ever,” things could change every week in order to keep the houseguests on the edge of their seats. This could ensure the “no floater” season fans were expecting last year.