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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Shocking eviction vote coming for 'Big Brother' 2014?

Julie Chen might reveal some interesting 'Big Brother 16' voting on July 17.
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

"Big Brother 16" spoilers from Thursday night (July 17) might include a shocking eviction vote. Many previous "Big Brother 16" spoilers revealed to fans that Devin Shepherd is the most likely houseguest to be evicted next. What these new revelations show is that some of the houseguests might throw a vote of support behind him to stir things up. According to a report from Big Brother Network, this could lead to a crazy vote as the house decides which contestant will become the third to go.

Christine and Nicole have hatched a plan to vote to evict Caleb in order to create a situation where they could blame other houseguests for the betrayal. The suspicion would then be cast on Donny and Jocasta, two people that have been in alliances with Devin in the house so far. It is an idea that could certainly stir up a lot of drama in the house, especially because it looked to be heading in the direction of a unanimous eviction. If Christine and Nicole have their way, it won't be unanimous at all.

The latest episode of the 2014 "Big Brother" season will air on Thursday night at 9 p.m. PT/ET. It will be at that point where the next mission for Team America might be revealed. The main show site for CBS has been advertising it for a few days, with the choices being that the three member of Team America either target someone they believe is a floater or someone they believe is a physical threat for the next eviction.

There has certainly been no lack of excitement in the house this summer and that has led to many intriguing "Big Brother 16" spoilers popping up on the fan sites. This is one of those seasons where it is very difficult to predict who the winner might be due to how the alliances keep shifting. With very few strong alliances of more than two people in the house currently, it means a different set of houseguests could be at risk of going home next week.

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