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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Plan to backdoor Amber is in full swing

Julie Chen is the host of "Big Brother"
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Fans are unsure about the quality of “Big Brother” this year. Some will tell you it is one of the best seasons in recent years, while others will tell you it is boring and predictable. The defunct “Bomb Squad” has been running the house, with Derrick and Frankie at the helm. This is week five, and the nominees are Jocasta and Victoria. According to a July 26 report from Big Brother Buddy on Facebook, Hayden is the winner of the “Power of Veto.” The new plan is to pull one of the nominees off the block and back door Amber.

This season the house guests are sending the women packing. “Big Brother” is a game of stamina and decision-making, but it looks like there is one group running the house. Frankie is the reigning “Head of Household” and has been planning a backdoor scenario since the beginning. Amber and Caleb are the targets, and it looks like Amber will be out the door this week. She is by far the strongest female competitor, which means the women have a slim chance at winning this season once she is gone.

Since Hayden was picked to play the “Power of Veto” by Victoria, he is going to use it to save her. The nominees will then become Amber and Jocasta. Several “Big Brother” fans are upset because they feel like Caleb would be the better choice for a backdoor. Amber has proven over and over again that she is a competitor, saving herself on more than one occasion. When will someone dethrone the “Detonators” and gain control of the house?

The live vote and eviction will happen this Thursday on “Big Brother.” It is expected to be a 9-0 vote, with the entire house being in agreement. Donny seems to be the only one playing his own game, but will likely vote the way the house does to lessen the target on his back. Jury is coming soon and it looks like it will consist of mostly men.

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