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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Medical emergency scares houseguests

Julie Chen is back as the host of 'Big Brother 16' this summer.
Julie Chen is back as the host of 'Big Brother 16' this summer.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Big Brother 16” spoilers are led by a medical emergency in the house Saturday (Aug. 23). Though these “Big Brother 16” spoilers from the weekend are typically led by Veto results, that isn’t the topic of conversation just yet. According to a report from Big Brother Network, houseguest Victoria Rafaeli was found on the floor by Nicole Franzel. It was immediately clear that there was a problem and the live feeds were cut as production descended upon the set.

It seems that Victoria has been having problems with her wisdom teeth over the past few days and it has put her in a lot of pain. The report went on to state that she went to the Diary Room several times to get assistance for those problems. It all apparently escalated Saturday morning when Nicole found Victoria on the floor of the bathroom stall. Nicole had been getting ready for the day, but upon getting no response from Victoria when asked if she needed anything, she went into the stall.

Though there aren’t a lot of details about the situation just yet, it was made clear that Victoria was very sweaty and that Nicole felt more help was needed. She had called out to Derrick for some help and he was running to the bathroom when the live feeds were turned off. They returned about 30 minutes later with most of the houseguests sitting around the kitchen table. Victoria is not seen in the house at the moment, though, so there isn’t an update on her status yet. It likely means she is getting treatment outside the house now.

There are a lot of “Big Brother 16” spoilers still to come from the weekend, so this piece of news is only the tip of what is to come. The Veto competition still needs to be held, where the recently nominated houseguests will be battling for their lives. That will probably take place later on Saturday if it turns out that Victoria is all right. The CBS main site has the next episode of the show scheduled for 8 p.m. PT/ET on Sunday night (Aug. 24).