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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Major alliance reveals itself in 2014 season shocker

Did past casts of 'Big Brother' give up on their alliances as quickly as season sixteen has?
Did past casts of 'Big Brother' give up on their alliances as quickly as season sixteen has?
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"Big Brother 16" spoilers this week are pretty shocking. In another of many odd moves in the 2014 season, The Detonators alliance has revealed itself to the rest of the house. According to a report from Big Brother Network on Wednesday (Aug. 6), it was all part of a strategy to make another move against Zach. What it may have done is hurt the chances of anyone in that alliance to win the $500,000 prize during the September season finale.

It seems that an idea was hatched in order to make Zach look bad if he found out that the house was gunning for him. Frankie proposed the idea to Christine and the pair sold it to Derrick and Cody. The plan was to tell Nicole and Hayden that Zach had proposed an alliance to them all and that they had turned him down. What they didn't do, though, was get their stories straight before people started having one-on-one conversations with Nicole or Hayden.

What has transpired in the house is a series of stories being told, with key details getting messed up as Nicole and Hayden are told. Where Derrick and Cody are claiming the alliance had no name, Christine tells Nicole that they were indeed called The Detonators. She also tells them that she was there for the meeting, but then the other guys say she wasn't. The details just didn't mesh and it has really thrown a wrench into the plan of trying to make Zach look bad.

These are interesting "Big Brother 16" spoilers because it is unclear whether producers will even show any of this during the next two episodes. The main CBS web site reveals that the Wednesday episode (Aug. 6) will focus on the Veto competition and ceremony. The Thursday episode (Aug. 7) will then focus on the next eviction from the house. What it doesn't reveal is whether time will be spent showing just how the alliance once known as The Detonators has self-destructed.