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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Live feeds reveal Veto winner turning on nominee

Julie Chen has some shocking news for viewers about the BB16 house.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"Big Brother 16" spoilers from the live feeds have been packed with house excitement. Amid the man "Big Brother 16" spoilers from the past few days, all of them led up to an even bigger moment on Monday (July 7). According to a report from Big Brother Network, Devin (the Power of Veto winner) isn't going to use the power as he has promised. The kicker here is that he promised both nominees something different over the weekend and one of them is going to emerge from the Veto ceremony quite upset.

As CBS viewers even know, Devin promised Paola safety if she would just throw the latest Battle of the Block challenge. She did just that and was given the assurance that she was just a pawn in a plan to get fellow nominee Brittany out of the house. Well now comes the shocking revelation that Devin has developed a crush for Brittany and promised her that if he won the Veto he would take her off the block. He did win the Veto and will now have to break one of the pacts he promised.

This is exactly what Devin swore he was trying to not do in the game this season and what led to him hosting the first house meeting of the summer. Then he turns around and makes deals with both of his own nominees, a plan that seemed wrought with the possibility of mistakes if he were to end up winning the Veto.

Now with the Veto in hand he will have to work hard to get the nominee he leaves on the block out of the house or face a really big enemy during the next week of play. Expect more exciting "Big Brother 16" spoilers to come from the aftermath of that Veto ceremony. It was just back on Sunday (July 6) when it was reported that Devin was flirting with Brittany at about 3:20 a.m. It is a much different scenario than what had played out with the two being after each other very publicly.

CBS producers will have a tricky path to take when revealing footage on next Wednesday's episode (July 9), especially if they want to take the narrative away from the pair fighting it out. Alliances are also shifting in the house as the upcoming eviction ceremony starts to hinge on what HOH Devin tells people what to do. With the opportunity placed in front of him to try to backdoor one of the former "Bomb Squad" members, anything could happen.

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