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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Jury competition secrets, eviction vote revealed

Julie Chen is back as the host of 'Big Brother 16' this summer.
Julie Chen is back as the host of 'Big Brother 16' this summer.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Big Brother 16” spoilers now include secrets about the jury competition. These latest “Big Brother 16” spoilers come from Thursday (Aug. 21), as the house prepares to not only evict another houseguest, but to welcome a jury member back into the house. According to a report from Big Brother Network, specs for the jury challenge have been leaked and it looks like they will be competing separately from the other houseguests. That’s a different approach than producers took in 2013.

Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, and the houseguest evicted on Thursday night will all compete in the jury competition. It looks very likely that it will be Zach joining the jury next, so he will quickly get a chance to compete to get back into the game. As for the challenge itself, it appears to be a version of shuffleboard, where the four houseguests will all be playing on the same structure. Several fan sites have hypothesized that this will take place before the latest Head of Household competition.

It is unclear whether the returning jury member will be able to compete to become HOH, but they have been allowed to in the past. It would make sense this time as well, but it could certainly shift the power in the house if the returner were somehow able to take the power back. According to the main CBS web site for the show, the episode will begin at 9 p.m. PT /ET and there is a lot for producers and host Julie Chen to present.

At this point it looks like the winner of the latest HOH competition may not be revealed by the time the one-hour show concludes. This isn’t exactly something new, as producers do it from time to time to get people to subscribe to the live feeds. It will give fans some more “Big Brother 16” spoilers to look forward to as well. The first of those revelations comes today, as it looks like Zach is nearly guaranteed to be going home based on the plan for the current eviction vote.