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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: First real showmance of 'Big Brother' 2014 surfaces

Who will end up winning the money on 'Big Brother 16' this summer?
Who will end up winning the money on 'Big Brother 16' this summer?
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"Big Brother 16" spoilers from the weekend now include the first showmance of the 2014 season. Though previous "Big Brother 16" spoilers have hinted at relationships developing inside the house, the first couple has emerged. According to a report from Big Brother Network on Monday (July 21), Hayden Voss and Nicole Franzel were seen kissing on camera. That kissing also took place under the covers, showing that their friendship has likely taken a step forward.

For most of the season it has been obvious that Hayden (from California) has had feelings for Nicole (from Minnesota), but she was reluctant to take it much further than hanging out together. She has often talked about the worry that other houseguests might turn on them if it was revealed that they had become a couple in the house. That's certainly something that has happened in the past on this show, but there have also been some lifelong relationships that have developed.

Fans of the show are certainly interested in this relationship and many have taken to message boards to express that they find the couple very "cute" together. It is definitely something to watch closely as the summer progresses and it could end up being something that other contestants focus on when determining who to take further in the game. For anyone paying attention in the house, though, it has been obvious for a while that Hayden and Nicole are working together.

As with many "Big Brother 16" spoilers, it is never clear what CBS is going to show on the weekly episodes. Typically they are pretty far behind on what has taken place in the house, but this could certainly be a sub-story in the next two episodes. According to the main CBS site for the show, they will be on Wednesday (July 23) or Thursday (July 24) nights. This week the fourth person will also be evicted from the house as the houseguests get closer to deciding the jury.