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‘Big Brother 16’ spoilers: Fans have voted, who is in the Team America alliance?

‘Big Brother 16’ spoilers: Who is in the Team America alliance?
‘Big Brother 16’ spoilers: Who is in the Team America alliance?
Photo courtesy CBS Big Brother 16 live feeds and used with permission

One of the twists to the “Big Brother 16” game this season is the Team America alliance. This allowed fans to vote for the houseguests of their choice and these three would form an alliance, whether they wanted to or not. Joey Van Pelt, who was the first evictee of the season, was voted as the first member of the Team America alliance. Donny Thompson was voted the second member.

Because Joey was evicted, America got to choose another alliance member to replace her. On the July 6 “Big Brother 16” live feeds the alliance members, having been to the Diary Room earlier in the day, and used code words to find out who had been chosen by fans to be in the "Big Brother 16" Team America Alliance.

Please note that this is a spoiler alert and the outcome of the “Big Brother 16” Team America vote will be revealed. Donny Thompson stood as the only member of the alliance after Joey Van Pelt’s eviction last week. Police officer Derrick Levasseur from Providence, R.I., and YouTube personality Frankie Grande from Boca Raton, Fla. were chosen as Donny’s Team America alliance members.

The three “Big Brother 16” houseguests seemed pleased to be in an alliance together and immediately began discussing strategy, all the while trying not to be conspicuous to the other houseguests. Caleb had been hovering around the three while they were in the process of using a series of questions, code words and a visual aid to discover who had been voted into the Team America alliance. Caleb, who offered up information regarding bald eagles, was completely out of the loop. This signaled to Derrick that Caleb was not a member of Team America.

"Big Brother 16" houseguests Derrick and Frankie are part of the Bomb Squad alliance, which includes all the male houseguests except Hayden and Donny. The Bomb Squad alliance also includes two female houseguests, Amber and Christine. But Derrick, Donny and Frankie have been chosen by America to be in an alliance together. They will be given missions to complete and each will win $5,000 if the missions can be completed.