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'Big Brother 16' spoilers: Devin walks out on the Bomb Squad

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Things got really hot in the "Big Brother" house early Saturday morning and it has fans of the show wondering if the Bomb Squad alliance is over. In one of the best turnarounds in recent "Big Brother" history, it looks like Devin has made himself the new target. Devin is the current Head of Household and other house guests feel like he has been bullying and pushing around everyone else. According to a Saturday report by Buddy TV, it looks like Devin has put himself firmly in the hot seat. Will he go home next week?

Devin was part of the eight member Bomb Squad alliance. Now it's starting to look like there are seven members left because early Saturday morning around 3 a.m. those with the live feeds saw Devin yell at Caleb that he was no longer in the alliance. He did it loud enough that those not involved in the alliance heard it too.

It'll probably take some damage control to make sure the news doesn't get out. Honestly though, Devin is so heated right now that it's almost a for sure thing that he'll spill the beans on the whole Bomb Squad operation. "Big Brother" house guests that are still in on the Bomb Squad alliance are Caleb, Amber, Zach, Christine, Cody, Derrick and Frankie.

The confrontation started after Christine joined up with a group of Bomb Squad members outside in the hammock. She told them about Devin talking to her in the HoH room. Both Amber and Christine said they were scared of Devin and that got the rest of the group upset. They decided that Devin is a bully and that since he won HoH, the power has really gone to his head. This often happens when one thinks they are the leader of the alliance and the others don't feel that way.

Caleb took it upon himself to confront Devin about his little power trip and to tell him that the women in the house are scared of him. Devin confronted Christine outside to ask if she's scared of him. We all know how it goes when you put someone on the spot so Christine tried to just avoid him and the question in general.

Devin ended up telling Caleb that his crush on Amber is messing with his game. This intensified their argument even more and it ended with Devin exclaiming that the alliance is over. Those house guests not in the alliance are trying to put pieces together while the Bomb Squad tried to downplay the alliance as just an agreement between Devin and Caleb. Surely as Devin scrambles to regain support in the house, he'll out the rest of the group.

So what do you think of the house turning against Devin on "Big Brother 16"? Were you Team Devin or are you glad he's lost some power and hopefully some of that ego? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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