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'Big Brother 16' showmance drama: Is Caleb too obsessed with Amber?

Julie Chen is the host of "Big Brother"
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Season 16 of “Big Brother” has been quite unexpected. Before the house guests were even let into the house, scandal broke about Caleb Reynolds. He is a Kentucky cowboy who apparently made some racial and homophobic comments on social media before entering the house. His family has since come to his defense proclaiming he is not a racist. Reynolds has bigger problems now than the comments he made before the show. According to a July 2 report from Bustle, Caleb Reynolds is obsessing over female house guest Amber Borzotra. Things are getting a little out of hand.

Amber Borzotra was the first thing Caleb Reynolds noticed when he entered the “Big Brother” house. Reynolds had been plotting how he was going to approach Borzotra with his feelings, and definitely felt she returned his affection. After it was explained to Reynolds that she views all the house guests as “friends only,” he didn't seem to comprehend what she truly meant. After only two weeks in the house, things are already pretty awkward between the two.

Several “Big Brother” fans follow different spoiler accounts on Twitter. Big Brother Leak is one of the more popular accounts, right up there with Jokers. According to the Big Brother Leak, some of the things Caleb Reynolds is saying about Amber Borzotra are borderline stalkerish. He went from being enamored with her to wanting her out the first chance they get once only their alliance is left.

“Big Brother” production has not yet stepped in to diffuse the situation, but it looks like they may have to if Caleb Reynolds doesn't simmer down. Amber Borzotra hasn't done anything wrong, and the jaded way Reynolds is acting is a huge turn off to many of the women who watch the show. Season 16 has been full of big egos, with Reynolds' being one of the biggest ones in the house.

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