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'Big Brother 16' shocker: Devin saves Brittany and nominates Zach in her place

Julie Chen is the host of "Big Brother"
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

While it is only the second week in the “Big Brother” house, there is enough drama to air a new episode every night. Season 16 began with two groups of eight house guests being let into the house separately. Several alliances have since been formed and broken. Joey was the first house guest evicted, but no one was really surprised. This week has been filled with plenty of confusion, and it appears that things just complicated. According to a July 7 tweet from Big Brother Leak, Devin used the “Power of Veto” on Brittany and nominated Zach in her place.

The “Big Brother” house is in complete chaos. Everyone was counting on Devin keeping the nominations the same. Paola believes she is safe after making a deal with Devin to throw the “Battle of the Block” competition. The deal should have ensured Paola's safety for two weeks, but it looks like it may have sealed the deal for her eviction.

“Big Brother” has been a summer staple for many fans for over a decade. Season 15 of the show was a disaster, which disappointed a lot of fans. The producers and casting directors tried hard to get a good bunch for Season 16 and it looks like it worked out in their favor. Right now there is plenty of confusion happening in the house and no one is sure who they can trust. This will make for great television the rest of the season.

The “Power of Veto” episode will air on Wednesday and fans are excited to see how it all went down. Many of the house guests thought that Brittany would be the one to go this week, but it looks like they were wrong. Devin recently had a change of heart about Brittany and decided to make a huge move. Right now the eviction is still up in the air, but if the “Bomb Squad” votes the way they all should, Paola should be the next one leaving the “Big Brother” house.

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