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'Big Brother 16' scandal: Is Caleb Reynolds the newest racist contestant?

Julie Chen
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

"Big Brother 16" starts airing on June 25 and fans are already talking about one of the cast members. Caleb Reynolds is an attractive cowboy that everyone thought would be a fan favorite, but it is starting to not look that way. On Saturday, Tamara Tattles shared about the negativity already surrounding this contest. He better watch what he says on reality TV unless he wants to be the next hated contestant.

First off there is a YouTube video out there that shows Caleb killing a pig. This upsets some people and others just don't really care considering they eat meat too. It might be the kind of thing that belongs on YouTube though. He actually killed it with a stick. This video has been removed from YouTube since then though.

The main problem fans are going to have with Caleb Reynolds is the racist comments found on his Instagram page. He is supposed to be a very strong Christian. His dad is actually a pastor. He is going on about “fags”, Democrats and Muslims. He says he doesn't agree with "fags" and goes on to talk about a Muslim monkey. It is pretty clear he is talking about President Obama and he is not a fan.

If you remember, last year Aaryn Gries made several racist comments while in the house. Reality Tea shared that she realized she made a mistake after she got out of the house but obviously that wasn't enough. The way that she acted in the house was enough to make her one of the most hated contestants of all time on "Big Brother." She still says that she is not racist, but she really did look that way on the show. Caleb's family is now defending him and saying it is not true. You can read more here.

"Big Brother 16" will start airing on June 25. This will air three times a week on CBS. The first two episodes will air back and back on Wednesday and Thursday.

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