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'Big Brother 16' scandal: Fans think Battle of the Block was rigged

Frankie Grande
Frankie Grande
Big Brother live feeds screenshot

This week everyone can't stop talking about how they feel like "Big Brother 16" might be rigged. This can be a bit confusing to some people because they missed the new episode due to golf going over. On Monday, Bustle shared a bit about what happened and why people think the show might be rigged this season.

The house guests had a big plan that Caleb would not even compete in the Battle of the Block so that they could just send Frankie home. This was the plan, but it didn't matter because Frankie actually won the competition on his own. This made him safe another week. They found out he is working the entire house and now he has admitted that his sister is Ariana Grande.

Caleb straight up admitted at first that he was Beast Mode Cowboy and wanted Frankie to get sent home. It was a football competition and actually ended up being one that Frankie didn't need Caleb to win. He was able to do it on his own and people think that this was rigged because production knew that Caleb wasn't going to try. In most competitions, this would have lost the Battle of the Block for him but this one didn't need a second person.

BB Gossip shared an audio from the house of Caleb. In this audio, he shared that he was going to go into the game and play but they wouldn't let him do it. This confused some people but the fact is he never started so it wouldn't make sense for them to let him join late.

Don't miss new episode of "Big Brother 16" on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday each week on CBS. It really doesn't appear that the show is rigged, but everyone will be watching close to try to catch them on something. There is some kind of controversy every year.