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'Big Brother 16': Rumors swirl about relatives and possible 'all-star' cast

Rachel Reilly
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Big Brother” is a guilty pleasure for many fans. Season 16 will premiere June 25, which is just a few weeks away. Last year the show was plagued with a lot of negative press due to racial remarks made by a few of the cast members. Fans are hoping this year will be a better one. According to a May 14 report from Big Brother Access, there are several rumors circulating about the cast. Who will be returning and what pairings are possible?

Some of the rumors surrounding “Big Brother” this season seem to be focusing on relatives. Last season Rachel Reilly's sister Elissa Slater was cast, so this is a very real possibility. The speculations are vague, but offer up that the relatives would be playing against the former players. Fans aren't sure about this one, especially since we have seen Rachel/Elissa and Evel Dick/Dani on the show before.

Another big possibility is an “all-stars” version. This rumor is running rampant through Twitter using the hashtag "Big Brother 16." Of course big names would include fan-favorites like Rachel Reilly, Jordan Lloyd, Jeff Schroeder, Evel Dick, and Brendan Villegas. The rumors have mentioned the possibility of Aaryn Gries returning, but with the controversy during Season 15, it is highly unlikely “Big Brother” would ask her back.

Season 16 of “Big Brother” needs to bring the fun back into the game. Last year a lot of fans were turned off by the events that CBS allowed to happen on-screen, including the bullying of Candice and the blatant racist remarks. The speculations will continue to run rampant and fans are counting on a season worth watching.

If Season 16 happens to be vets against newbies, fans will not be overly excited. Right now there is very little information about the cast available, but it will be announced closer to the June 25 start date. Fans are waiting in anticipation for an “all-star” season, hoping it will be this summer.

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