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'Big Brother 16' rumors and spoilers: Looks like season of vets and their family

Julie Chen
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

It is almost time for a new season of "Big Brother." CBS is not admitting what will happen this season but a lot of rumors are flying about how it is going to go this year. On Sunday, Big Brother Access shared that the rumors are flying that this season will be similar to the one that "Survivor" did called that was called "Survivor: Blood vs. Water." This puts one person in the game that has done it before along with a family member who may have been on the show before or not.

It is unknown if these family members would play against each other or team up somehow. There are a lot of rumors about who could be on the season. Several sites are saying that Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater will be on this season of the show. There are also rumors that Daniele Donato will return with her new husband Dominic Briones. Her dad Evel Dick Donato won't be on the show though because he is busy filming another show called "Couples Therapy" along with his girlfriend. It is filming now but won't air until fall.

Enstarz shared that rumors are flying that Frank Eudy will be back again with his father "Psycho" Sid Vicious. He is a famous wrestler and these two could make for a very interesting pairing on the show. "BB" did place a picture of Frank on their Facebook teasing the upcoming season but they didn't say that he is on the show. That was enough to get fans of the show talking about it.

Eric Stein is another name being thrown around that could be back. He only played the game as America's Player so if he got a chance to really play that would be interesting. It is unknown who would join him.

"Big Brother 16" will start airing on CBS on June 25. This should be an exciting season of the show. They will probably start to admit to what is going to happen as it gets closer to the big premiere of the show.

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