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'Big Brother 16' rumor: A season of family?

"Big Brother 16" will be airing its premiere episode in only three weeks. With the reality show so close to airing, there are tons of theories and rumors. One of those is that it will be a season of family, according to a June 2 report by Buddy TV.

Will 'Big Brother' veteran Rachel Reilly appear on 'BB16'?
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

The rumor is that "Big Brother 16" will pair past competitors with a family member. But this isn't the only rumor, there is also talk that sisters Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater, spouses Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones and Frank Eudy and his father, professional wrestler Sycho Sid Vicious will be on "BB16." Elissa was on "Big Brother" last season and Rachel has not only been on two seasons of "BB," but she and her husband were also on two seasons of "The Amazing Race." Daniele and Dominic met and competed together on season 13, Frank Eudy was on season 14.

With rumors that previous houseguests will be on this upcoming season, some are wondering if it will be all veterans. It is a possibility. However, the more popular theory is that "Big Brother 16" will include a mixture of veterans and newbies.

So how do viewers feel about season 16 possibly having a family theme? Some fans are excited about it while others aren't that thrilled. Some people are not that concerned with the family theme and are more vocal about who the rumored houseguests are.

"Big Brother 16" posted a photo of Frank on their Facebook page. Even though it is suggested that this means he will appear, the post didn't say that he would be, so that is still just speculation. However, it seems strange to post a picture of him if he isn't going to appear.

What do you think of the "Big Brother 16" rumor that it will have a family theme? What do you think about the rumored contestants appearing? Are there any that you are looking forward to seeing?

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