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Big Brother 16 promises to be summer of twists

Big Brother 16 starts tonight and it starts off totally different then all seasons before with more twists then ever.

Big Brother 16
Big Brother 16
Hollywood Life
Big Brother 16
Hollywood Life

16 houseguests will compete to earn the cash prize and Big Brother title but there are some major twists that will throw the houseguests and America for a loop this year.

Julie Chen announced last week on her show, The Talk that one of the major twists is that there will be two head of households this year.

Both HOH's will get to nominate two people for eviction each week and there will be two power of veto winners each week as well.

There is also a new competition called "Battle of the Block" and Julie did not go into any details but she did hint and say that it could mean that the HOH will not always be safe.

One last bit of info Julie gave us is that we, the viewers will also have a chance to help influence and change the game more than ever before in something called "Team America"

The fact that there are already some major twists before the show even starts tells us that this summer in the Big Brother house is going to be better than ever.

With so much drama and controversy going on with last seasons cast with the racism, sexism, and bigotry, viewers are hoping that this season will be exciting but nothing like last year.

Big Brother 16 also starts off tonight differently then ever before as it will be a two part show that will air tonight and tomorrow.

Part one begins tonight with eight of the houseguests entering the house and competing for one of the head of household spots and the other eight entering tomorrow, Thursday, June 26 and competing for the other HOH spot.

The houseguests have no idea about it until they enter the house.

The first eight houseguests entering tonight will be, Frankie Grande, Joey Van Pelt, Amber Borzotra, Nicole Franzel, Paola Shea, Donny Thompson, Devin Shepherd, and Cody Calafiore.

The second group of eight will be, Caleb Reynolds, Brittany Martinez, Christine Brecht, Derrick Levasseur, Hayden Voss, Jocasta Odom, Victoria Rafaeli, and Zach Rance

The season premiere starts tonight Live on CBS at 8pm ET and part two airs tomorrow on CBS at 9pm ET.

This years house has an Urban Treehouse theme with the HOH bed resembling a huge bird nest and the other rooms having an Earth, Wind, and Fire look.

Also, remember that you can watch Big Brother After Dark every night on TVGN to get a look into the house after the show has aired.

You can also do the same by getting the live feeds to watch the uncensored happenings 24/7 by subscribing here at

With the live feeds you can get live action at any time plus special live feed viewer perks such as subscriber only chats, and houseguest trackers.

Tune in tonight for what is set to be the hottest most twisted Big Brother season ever.

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