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'Big Brother 16': Premiere recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Big Brother” kicked off Season 16 tonight, June 25. Julie Chen started the night out inside the treehouse-themed house before heading into the studio. She said this would be one twisted summer.

Then, it was time to meet some of this season’s contestants. Paola is a DJ from New York, Donny is a groundskeeper from North Carolina, Cody is a former professional soccer player from New Jersey, Frankie is a dancer and Ariana Grande’s brother, Amber is from Tennessee and very athletic, Nicole is a small town girl from Michigan who is also a “Big Brother” super fan, Devin is a former professional baseball player, and Joey is a makeup artist from Seattle.

Julie greeted the first eight houseguests just outside the house. She told them they were in for the most twisted summer ever and sent Cody, Amber, Donny, and Joey into the house first. They claimed their beds and looked around, and Nicole, Devin, Paola, and Frankie were then able to enter the house. Everyone was confused there were 16 of everything but only eight of them. They popped open champagne and introduced themselves in the living room.

Devin rounded everyone up for a house meeting, and he and Paola encouraged everyone to stick together with the original eight. They called themselves “The Crazy Eights.” Frankie, Devin, and Cody whipped their shirts off and started exercising on the floor. Later, Devin went to Donny to make an alliance together, called “Double D’s.” Meanwhile, the girls decided a girl needed to win this year and formed their own “El Quatro” all-girl alliance.

Julie called the houseguests to the living room. She warned them the house was about to get very crowded very soon. Julie broke the news that for the first time in the history of the game, just because one of them would be Head of Household didn’t mean they were safe. Paola and Cody got to know each other better. Paola already had a crush on Cody and asked what his type was. Julie interrupted again and asked everyone to put on their swimsuits and head outside for the first HoH Competition.

Each houseguest had to balance on a large, rotating beam while holding onto a string to balance a kite in the air. Paola was down first, followed by Joey. Then, it started raining sunscreen, and Nicole fell next. The beam changed directions, and Donny and Devin dropped quickly. Cody was the next to drop, and Amber pathetically threw the competition, making Frankie the first HoH. Once inside, Frankie asked the others to have his back.

Julie called the houseguests to the living room. She explained a second group of eight houseguests would be joining them, and one of those eight people would also become the Head of Household, making two HoHs. By the end of the week, only one HoH would be left standing.

As the houseguests debated what might happen, Julie explained another twist to the audience: “Team America.” America voted for one houseguest who they wanted to be in an alliance with. That person would then join with two others (also voted on by America) in a secret alliance, controlled by America. America would also vote to have these three compete in secret missions throughout the summer.

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