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‘Big Brother 16’ photos from inside the house and possible alliances

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The name of the game when you enter the “Big Brother 16” house is to win the $500,000 prize. In order to do that you need to stay in the house as long as you can. If you are one of the last two houseguests you want to be the one for whom the jury will vote.

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Alliances play a big part of winning “Big Brother” and fans watching the live feeds on June 26 and June 27 have already seen a few "Big Brother 16" alliances forming. Surprisingly, viewers are seeing that Frankie and Zach seem to have formed an alliance. Another team you may see is Brittany, Amber and Jocasta. Also be on the look-out for Christine and Michelle.

Despite being voted onto Team America, Joey is not well-liked by live feed paid subscribers. It may have something to do with the fact that as soon as the feeds went live she had taken her top off and was running through the house with nothing on top. Many viewers find her abrasive and loud, but that usually keeps you in the “Big Brother” house because it is more likely to cause drama and that is what people want to see.

Donny and Paola are currently on the "Big Brother 16" chopping block, but the Power of Veto competition will be played later today. Frankie thinks Victoria has a chance of winning it. Viewers of the live feeds are hoping that whoever wins the PoV will take Donny off the chopping block and put Joey up. Fans want either one of them gone first, they do not care if it is “Pow Pow” or Joey, and they just want one of them gone.

Many fans are speculating how Joey was voted as the first member of Team America. They are also curious as to what will happen to Team America if Joey is the first houseguest voted out of the “Big Brother” house. Over the years there has been a lot of talk about CBS manipulating the results of the nominations and competitions to keep players in the house. Some live feed subscribers are curious if CBS manipulated the Team America voting and if they will manipulate the PoV win. Many of the live feed viewers want Donny off the block and they want Joey put up for eviction.

It appears that later today, Friday, June 27, the "Big Brother 16" players eligible to play in the PoV competition will battle it out. The outcome will be known by live feed subscribers almost immediately, as the houseguests will definitely be talking about.