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'Big Brother 16' news: Was Donny Thompson in the Army?

Tonight on a new episode of "Big Brother 16" Caleb and Devin believe that Donny Thompson was in the Army. He has told everyone from day one that he is a groundskeeper. He says that he takes care of the grounds at a school. On this Wednesday night episode of "Big Brother 16," fans started wondering if there is more to Donny than they know.

Julie Chen
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Devin just doesn't believe him. He even went to him tonight asking him to come clean if he was willing to do it. Donny showed them that he doesn't have any hair on his legs up to a little below his knees. He says that this was because of wearing long socks all the time. The guys decided that it had to do with him wearing Army boots.

Donny told Devin that he had always wanted to be in the Army as a little boy but that he never did it. He even said that if he wins HOH he will show them his picture. Donny was upset that Devin didn't trust him. He says that he was never in the military and wouldn't even admit it to the cameras when nobody was around.

Wet Paint shared a lot about Donny earlier this season. They do not have any information about him being in the Army either. Normally if this was the case CBS would have this information. They would share it but he would have the option to not tell the house guests the truth. There is no reason out there for anyone to believe that he was in the Army.

Bustle has a picture of him without a beard. He still has facial hair though and doesn't look like a clean cut Army man. He just looks like a normal guy without a beard.

Don't miss new episodes of "Big Brother 16" three nights a week. So far Donny Thompson is a fan favorite and could win the hearts of millions. Hopefully he can find a way to convince the house guests to keep him around.

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