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'Big Brother 16' news: Should Caleb Reynolds be kicked out of the house?

Caleb and Amber
Caleb and Amber
Big Brother live feeds screenshot

Fans of "Big Brother 16" are watching the live feeds and are really shocked by the way that Caleb Reynolds is acting. It is obvious that he is really into Amber, but she doesn't feel the same. He might have started to take it too far lately. On Monday, Big Brother Network shared about how he might end up getting kicked out of the house if he doesn't watch it.

While Amber was sleeping, Caleb was standing over her. It honestly is just a bit creepy to see. He then tells Cody that he wants to hit her with a pillow while she is sleeping. It is all a bit strange, but he is acting very immature because she doesn't like him basically. Caleb then hides behind the door and throws a pillow at her while she is sleeping.

This alone won't get him kicked out of the game, but everything is starting to add up. Bustle shared that it is obvious he is making her uncomfortable. A few nights before he threw the pillow at her Caleb was seen kissing Amber on the forehead while she was asleep. This would be a sweet gesture if she liked him, but she doesn't at all. His controlling behavior by telling the other guys to stay away is a bit too much.

People have been kicked out of the house before, but they normally took things to a physical level. Caleb Reynolds is creeping out Amber, but he isn't actually hurting her. He is talking about taking things too far though. Amber hates bananas and honestly is scared of them. Now Caleb has told Frankie that he wants to cut one up and sneak it in her food. That could really upset her.

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