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'Big Brother 16' news: Frankie Grande could leave game to rush to grandpa's side

Frankie Grande
Frankie Grande
Big Brother live feeds screenshot

Tonight is the first live eviction on "Big Brother 16" and now fans are curious if Frankie Grande could be the one leaving the house. No he isn't on the block but something personal could be enough to make him leave on his own. On Thursday, Carter Matt shared how his grandpa has been sick. Fans of his sister Ariana Grande call him Grandpa Grande already.

Frankie's grandpa has been battling cancer for a while now. Fans of his sister have already been following the story. It now sounds like things aren't going well for him. Ariana is rushing to his side and wants to be with him right now. She even canceled performances because of it.

She went to her Twitter account today saying, "NY I'm sorry u saw less of me this trip. off to the g-parents in FL. they need me & now I gotta be there. love u & thank u for understanding." Her fans are all sending well wishes and saying that they understand. The thing is this doesn't sound like things are going very well. She did not say one word about if it could affect Frankie's game or not.

If Frankie Grande's grandpa has taken a turn for the worse, then they might make the decision to tell him about it. This would give Frankie the chance to leave the game if he wanted to and head home to be with his family. Right now they are not saying anything though. If it is going to happen, there is a live show tonight on CBS and it could be talked about there.

Don't miss the new episode of "Big Brother 16" tonight on CBS. If Frankie Grande has plans to leave, then they might not even send someone home. He might stick it out a while and see how his grandpa does as well. Fans would love to keep him in the game. Frankie went into the game knowing his grandpa wasn't doing well so they have already decided what he would do ahead of time.