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'Big Brother 16' news: Derrick and Frankie discover America hates them

Frankie Grande
Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

Big Brother” has been pretty uneventful this summer. Fans had much higher hopes for Season 16, especially with such a diverse cast. Last night Donny Thompson was evicted, and America mourned. There is very little doubt that he will be winning the $25,000 for America's favorite player on finale night. It also was not shocking that Julie Chen announced the task “Team America” had put together failed miserably. According to an August 29 tweet from “Big Brother Leak,” Derrick and Frankie are aware that America voted no because they chose not to save Donny. This has both guys paranoid.

While playing the “Big Brother” games, several of the cast members have alienated themselves. Christine has angered a lot of fans outside the house because of her relationship with Cody. While they are still calling it a “friendship,” there are many doubts. Caleb's obsession with Amber has turned off plenty of women, but he is holding his own otherwise. Derrick is pegged to win the entire game, and many will agree he has played well. America is obviously upset with the way Frankie and him treated Donny, and they both know that now.

Next week is the live double eviction. Two people will be exiting the “Big Brother” house, leaving only five members left. Whoever won the “Head of Household” competition could easily be joining jury alongside the first evicted house guest. Cody and Derrick have a pretty solid final two deal, and it looks like they may be able to skate all the way through to the end. Tune in Sunday night to find out who won “Head of Household” and who the two nominees are.

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