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'Big Brother 16' news: Brittany Martinez calls out Christine Brecht on Twitter

Brittany Martinez
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

This season of “Big Brother” has been one of the less eventful ones. Season 16 had the potential to bring serious drama if the house guests played their cards right. Early on the women were being picked off one by one. Brittany Martinez was sent packing after she completed a punishment of 2400 soccer goals kicked in 24 hours. Since she was evicted before the jury house was put into play, Brittany has been watching the show. An August 22 tweet from Brittany Martinez indicates she has had enough of Christine bashing her on the show.

If you have been watching Season 16 of “Big Brother” from the beginning you will know that Brittany didn't cause any drama in the house. She played her game and took up for herself. Christine has been bad mouthing everyone, including Donny. What she has yet to realize is that many of the viewers are against her actions and dislike much of what she is saying. While she is in the alliance with the guys, it is almost certain she won't make it to the end.

While what Brittany said might have been a joke because she worded it like Zingbot would have while roasting the “Big Brother” house guests, there is some truth to it. Christine recently got upset by what Zingbot had to say to her about the friendship she has with Cody. It was shown on air, and many of the viewers commented on it after hearing it aired. If what Brittany said is any indication of what other viewers think, Christine is in for a rude wake up call when she leaves the “Big Brother” house and re-enters the real world.

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