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‘Big Brother 16’ live feeds available: New subscriber-only features included

‘Big Brother 16’ live feeds available: New subscriber-only features included
‘Big Brother 16’ live feeds available: New subscriber-only features included
Photo courtesy of CBS and used with permission

Big Brother 16” begins in just four weeks and the live feeds are now available. Those who buy the live feeds will have access to new subscriber-only features this year.

In an announcement made today, May 23, Canadian viewers will be able to purchase the “Big Brother 16” live feeds this year. There is also a list of subscriber-only features that will be included with your “Big Brother 16” live feed purchase. The package costs $23.99 and that price is available until June 25, the day before the “Big Brother 16” premiere.

Another new addition this year is that Australian viewers can sign up for the “Big Brother 16” live feeds. This will open “BB16” up to an international audience. The list of new features for subscribers to the “Big Brother 16” live feeds includes some interesting additions.

“Big Brother 16” live feed subscribers will have access to a pre-season live video chat and “Early Bird” videos. There will be subscriber only online votes for events inside the house which may include punishments or rewards.

Subscribers to the “Big Brother 16” live feeds will have 24 hour access to the activities of the houseguests as well as subscriber-only chat rooms. The exceptions to the 24 hour access promise are Power of Veto and reward competition. CBS may also black-out other events at their discretion. Keep in mind that CBS will often black-out conversations that houseguests may have regarding production.

When you subscribe to the “Big Brother 16” live feeds you will have access on your computer, tablet and mobile device. There is no extra charge for these features and you pay only the $23.99 special rate. This price will increase once the "Big Brother 16" season starts at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, June 25. The $23.99 price tag reflects a 20 percent discount for those that purchase the live feeds for “Big Brother 16” before the season premiere.

For fans that purchased the “Big Brother 15” live feed package last year, you know that the price is well worth it. Most of the things that go on in the “Big Brother” house never make it to air and are often the most entertaining, and controversial, activities that happen throughout the entire season.