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'Big Brother 16' live elimination sends Joey packing, picks new HoH

Julie Chen hosts 'Big Brother 16' on CBS.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

"Big Brother 16" resumed July 3 on CBS as the first house guest of the new season was sent packing. As information garnered from the summer reality TV staple's live feeds previously suggested, blue-haired Seattle resident Joey Van Pelt was the first contestant given the boot following the big vote, which trimmed the field of hopefuls still vying for the $500,000 grand prize to just 15. The episode also saw the crowning of a new pair of heads of household, and revealed the identity of the second member of America's Team.

Joey, who entered the "BB" house on the first day of competition along with seven of her fellow housemates, was nominated for eviction by head of household Caleb Reynolds after previous nominee Donny Thompson won the coveted power of veto and removed himself from the block. Joey appeared to struggle with her strategy during her time in the house, alienating fellow players by exposing her attempt to create an all-girls alliance and failing to capitalize on what could have been a huge advantage as the first member of the America's Team alliance.

After Joey was shown the door by a unanimous 13-0 vote, which saved fellow nominee Paola Shea to compete for another week, she sat down with Julie for a chat. When asked about being the first sent home, she called it "hard but I think being in there is harder" because "people start getting quieter... cliquey," and likened the experience to being in middle school.

With Joey out of the picture, the house guests quickly jumped back into the competition to decide the week's two heads of household. After welcoming the contestants to Greek Week in the "Big Brother" house, Julie revealed that the girls would compete first for one head of household spot, while the guys would follow shortly thereafter to compete for the second available berth.

The game, which Julie called BB Rager, required the hopefuls to cross a balance beam to a stack of kegs. Each had to move his or her six kegs and stack them in front of the frat house one at a time. The first contestant from each group to successfully stack their kegs would win the week's titles.

On the ladies' side, Amber Borzotra easily dominated the rest of the field to become season 16's first female head of household. The guys' version was substantially more competitive, as Hayden Voss led by a narrow margin throughout the process before falling on his last run. Cody Calafiore claimed the victory until the footage revealed that his foot hit the floor before he hit the button to finish. Taking his place was Devin Shepherd.

Shortly before the episode came to a close, Donny learned that he'd been nominated as the second member of Team America. He called it a "privilege and an honor" to be chosen and promised to do his best to "not let y'all down."

"Big Brother 16" returns to CBS on July 6. The live feeds give viewers all-day and all-night access to the happenings inside the house.

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