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Big Brother 16: Is Christine playing the game or hurting her marriage

Big Brother showmances happen every season. It is something the fans look forward to and they are always entertaining to watch.

Big Brother Christine
Big Brother Christine's showmance

This season is no different though the showmance for Big Brother 16 is not just an ordianry showmance between two single houseguests. This season the showmance is between sexy, model Cody and coffee barista and married woman Christine.

Though they have not kissed or have been intimate with each other, the extreme close relationship they have has made many of the houseguests, viewers, and Christine's husband question what is going on between them.

They constantly touch, rub, scratch and sit near or on each other. When Cody is around Christine gets that giggly, lovestruck teenage look, and the way they look at and talk to each other is enough to cause many relationships to end.

Many Big Brother fans are not that happy with Christine because of her relationship with Cody and many call her names and make fun of her. Many think she is being a horrible wife and her husband should leave her.

The question though is Christine really attracted to Cody or is she just doing what she needs to stay with the group og guys running the house?

Christine's husband has watched the show faithfully of course and has been bombarded with pictures, and tweets of things Christine is doing with and to Cody.

He has made comments regarding Christine and Cody's behavior, taking up for her and saying that he knows she loves him and is just playing a game.

He has also made comments that show that he is not that happy with what he sees and hears and that it does bother him, as it should.

One of his tweets stated that he would not watch the show for a while because of her actions, and he also posted that he had a speech already planned for what he would say to Cody once he met him at the show finale.

I’ve had my “meeting Cody speech” planned out for two weeks
— Timothy Brecht (@timstinks)

my speech will start with “hey bud, now that the summer’s over, so is your friendship with my wife.”
— Timothy Brecht (@timstinks)

Recently he has tweeted that he was not happy that Christine was going to turn on her best friend in the house Nicole because of what the guys wanted but he knows that she needed to do it to stay safe and he was proud of her;

Timothy Brecht @timstinks
real quick, I've been talking smack about Christine's game, but I trust she's doing what she thinks is right and I'm proud of her!

Regardless of what she has done and said, her husband Tim is standing by his wife, his best friend, and believes that she loves him and is doing what she needs to do.

Big Brother is a game that messes with peoples minds while they are in the house and causes paranoia, and grief yet it also seems to affect the people who are out of the house, the family, friends, and spouses especially.

Hopefully Christine is just playing the game and using Cody to get ahead with the group of guys she is grouped with, and her relationship with Cody will not hurt her marriage with her husband.

What do you think? Is Christine playing the game and doing what she needs to do or is she hurting her marriage by being inappropriate with Cody?

Tune in Wednesday and Thursday on CBS and watch as Christine who is HOH decides to believe her friend Nicole or stick with the guys?

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