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‘Big Brother 16’ houseguest Donny Thompson talks strategy with Cody Calafiore

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Staying in the “Big Brother” house is the name of the game in order to get to the final prize of $500,000. Being in an alliance can be key to the houseguests strategy to stay in the house as long as possible. Houseguests of the “Big Brother 16” have a variety of alliances and they seem to be ever changing.

This morning, July 8, at approximately 8:58 a.m. PT, live feed subscribers watched as "Big Brother 16" Team America member Donny took Cody aside and confided in him that he thinks that “Big Brother 16” houseguests Devin, Amber, Caleb and Frankie have a final four deal. Donny told Cody he does know this for certain, it is just a gut feeling he has and he could be wrong. When Donny told Cody not to trust anything those four “Big Brother 16” houseguests say and Cody agreed.

Donny told Cody he does not open up like this to most people and that he trusts Cody more than anyone else in the “Big Brother 16” house. Listening to Donny speak to Cody it is obvious that Donny has been very observant of the houseguests since move in day. Many fans, though they find Donny likable, have called the groundskeeper from Ablemare, N.C. a floater. After his chat with Cody, it is obvious that Donny is not a floater and it appears he may have introduced a new way to play the “Big Brother” game.

Sitting side by side on of the oversized lawn chairs Donny very bluntly told Cody that he is here to win this game. However, Donny told Cody, if he cannot win the game he would vote for Cody, if he does go to jury and has a vote. Cody assured Donny that he trusts Derrick and Christine. Cody revealed to Donny that everything Frankie has said to Christine she immediately comes to Cody and tells him.

Even though Donny and Derrick are in the Team America alliance he does not completely trust Derrick. Cody and Donny agree that they can trust Hayden. Donny said that Hayden has all the components to play the “Big Brother” game. Donny and Cody agreed that Hayden is smart, strong and has the social ability to stay in the game and go far. It is possible that fans will see a final three of Donny, Cody and Hayden.