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‘Big Brother 16’ houseguest Devin Shepherd likely to be evicted week three

‘Big Brother 16’ houseguest Devin Shepherd likely to be evicted week three
‘Big Brother 16’ houseguest Devin Shepherd likely to be evicted week three
Photo courtesy of CBS Big Brother 16 live feeds and used with permission

Devin Shepherd came into the “Big Brother 16” house playing strong. He helped form the Bomb Squad Alliance of six of the eight male houseguests. But Devin quickly upset the members of this alliance by adding two additional members without discussing it.

Devin has now alienated most of the “Big Brother 16” houseguests and live feed subscribers watching at approximately 12:45 a.m. PT on July 9 saw Devin as he dropped out of the alliance and told fellow Bomb Squad member Frankie Grande that he was done and was playing for himself and only for himself from here on in.

Shepherd has been a controversial and volatile player since the first week. Many of the female houseguests find him intimidated and are even outright scared of him. He has fits of temper, when coupled with his size and strength, can be a cause for alarm within the “Big Brother 16” house.

After speaking with Frankie on Wednesday morning, it became clear that the former minor league baseball player has no allies left in the “Big Brother 16” house. Devin Shepherd may find himself on the chopping block when the next Head of Household competition is held. Because he is the current Head of Household, Devin is not eligible to compete in this week’s competition.

He may, however, have a chance to keep himself in the “Big Brother House.” If nominated, Shepherd would need to win the Battle of the Block or Power of Veto competition. If he is able to win one or both of these competitions he would stay in the house for another week.

The following week Devin would be eligible to play in the Head of Household competition. But, if the players he nominates win the Battle of the Block competition, he will be unseated as one of the two weekly Heads of Household. Shepherd would then need to go on to win the Power of Veto competition in order to stay in the game one more week.

Shepard made it clear to Frankie Grande that he intends to play the game and win competitions in order to stay in the game. Many times over the past few weeks Devin has said he is there to win in order to make a better life for his daughter. Unless the houseguests decide to keep him in the house because he is the biggest target, Shepherd will need to win at least one competition each week in order to advance his game.