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‘Big Brother 16’ exclusive subscriber chat with 'BB12' winner Hayden Moss

‘Big Brother 16’ exclusive subscriber chat with 'BB12' winner Hayden Moss
‘Big Brother 16’ exclusive subscriber chat with 'BB12' winner Hayden Moss
Photo courtesy of CBS Big Brother Live Feeds and used with permission

Big Brother 16” live feed subscribers are wondering if "Big Brother 12" winner Hayden Moss is headed back into the house this summer. There is a lot of speculation in the subscriber-only chat rooms. One of the major topics of discussion is whether or not this season will have veteran players returning.

Hayden Moss stopped by to chat with “Big Brother 16” interview host Jeff Schroeder on Tuesday, June 10. This sparked speculation in the chat rooms about a possible return by Moss to the “Big Brother” house. Other former houseguests who have been interviewed are Mike Boogie and Ashley Iocco. Jordan Lloyd, winner of “Big Brother 11” is scheduled to stop by for a chat with Jeff on Thursday, June 12. Jeff and Jordan have been dating since they met in the “Big Brother” house.

In an exclusive chat with “Big Brother 12” winner Hayden Moss in a discussion called “Winners Tell All” Jeff and Hayden chatted about Moss’s career in baseball. He ended up blowing out his knee his senior year at ASU which put an end to that part of his life.

Hayden explained how he got into “Big Brother” while he was trying to rehab his knee and he was approached on a plane about appearing on “Survivor.” He trained for “Survivor” but got a phone call that he had not been picked. Then he received another phone call asking him to become a “Big Brother.” houseguest. After winning “Big Brother 12” Hayden did go on to compete on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water.”

Adjusting and adapting to the “Big Brother” house is necessary, Moss explained. Having a set strategy is not going to work, you just have to go into the house and get to know people. Moss talked about how he and Lane and Enzo had to get rid of Matty because they knew he was going to win if they did not get him voted out of the house.

Hayden Moss says there is only one reason to go in and that is to win. It does not matter if you have to burn bridges, you have to do whatever you need to do to win the game and the $500,000 prize. “If you don’t go in to win, what’s the point?” Moss said, and Schroeder agreed.

There is a lot of speculation about whether or not the past winners participating in the “Winners Tell All” chats on the “Big Brother 16” live feeds are going to be houseguests. Rumors about a few “Big Brother” couples being houseguests have surface. Some of those rumors include Rachel and Brendan, Danielle and Dominic and Jordan and Jeff. “Big Brother” fans will just have to sit tight and wait until the new houseguests are revealed on June 19. “Big Brother 16” premieres at 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 25 on CBS.