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'Big Brother 16': Episode 9 recap

Frankie Grande, 'Big Brother' contestant
Frankie Grande, 'Big Brother' contestant
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Big Brother” started off tonight’s episode, July 13, immediately following the HoH Competition. Nicole wasn’t happy to win this week – she worried she would have a target on her back. Devin revealed that he told Jocasta, Brittany, and Donny about the Bomb Squad alliance prior to the eviction.

After Derrick also won HoH, Devin pulled him aside and told him to nominate him for eviction. Caleb and Derrick agreed not to nominate Devin right away, because that would give him two chances to take himself off the block. Christine also took Nicole aside to tell her about the Bomb Squad. Then, Nicole and Derrick showed everyone their HoH Room.

Nicole and Derrick sat down to discuss nominations. Derrick said he wanted to get Devin out this week, but Nicole was hesitant to talk game. Derrick explained what he thought Nicole was doing, and she started to open up. They narrowed it down to nominating Amber, Caleb, and Jocasta, but they weren’t sure who the last nominee should be.

Hayden and Nicole lounged in the hammock for their “first date.” Hayden continued to try and put the moves on Nicole, but she didn’t reciprocate.

Upstairs, Derrick talked to Caleb about the nominations. Caleb wanted to go up so that he could throw the Battle of the Block Competition and save Amber. Caleb went back downstairs to tell Amber the plan. Amber didn’t really want Caleb to go up, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Nicole woke up the next day and talked to Donny about her options for nominations. She felt he was wise and someone she would work with, so she wanted his opinion. Nicole asked who she could put up with Amber, and Donny suggested Christine. Donny went to the living room and told Jocasta and Brittany about Caleb being put up to throw the competition. Amber overheard the conversation and immediately told Nicole.

During the Nomination Ceremony, Nicole nominated Amber and Donny. She chose Amber because she is a great competitor and nominated her last week and Donny because of the information she was given at the last second. Derrick nominated Jocasta and Caleb. He nominated Jocasta to prove to the doubters that she isn’t a floater and Caleb because he volunteered.

Devin could tell he was being back-doored, and Donny was surprised he was nominated. Nicole was upset and asked Hayden if she should self-evict for nominating Donny. Hayden assured her she was fine. Devin went upstairs to talk to Derrick and told him it was a good game move.

Victoria started asking questions about Frankie’s siblings. Frankie tried changing the subject to his brother, but Victoria told him she wasn’t done asking about his sister. Frankie was worried that if anyone learned his sister is Ariana Grande, it would change his position in the game.

Derrick received a message for the Team America alliance. They had to carry out a mission to spread a rumor and convince three of the houseguests that one of the houseguests is related to a former houseguest. Frankie came up with the plan that as Paola was leaving, she told them Zach was related to Amanda, from last season, since they both are from south Florida.

Donny went to talk to Nicole, who felt very bad for nominating him and was in tears. Donny tried to cheer her up. Nicole explained that she felt betrayed, and Donny wondered if she ever told him not to tell anyone. She said she wanted to work with him from here on out, and he agreed.

Next up was the Battle of the Block, which was wizard-themed. Both team members were attached to one another with a rope. Donny and Caleb ran back and forth to collect puzzle pieces, and Amber and Jocasta were suspended in the air by the ropes putting the puzzle together. Donny kept telling Amber where to put the puzzle pieces, and Caleb tried to move slowly to let Amber and Donny win, which they did.

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