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'Big Brother 16': Episode 7 recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Big Brother” picked up after the Battle of the Block Competition, during which Hayden and Nicole beat Brittany and Paola out to remove themselves from the block. Amber was disappointed she was no longer HoH and hoped she would be safe. Nicole, Hayden, and Christine celebrated their alliance’s safety in the Storage Room. Devin, Hayden, and Paola quickly consulted outside the HoH Room, and Devin awkwardly whispered into Hayden’s ear. Paola claimed she could have torn the competition up, but she threw it for Devin.

Zach, Cody, Derrick, and Christine met with each other and decided to take a stand against Devin and vote Paola out instead of Brittany. Outside, Caleb flirted with Amber and Christine. Devin and Frankie talked and were frustrated and felt the flirting was detrimental to their alliance. Derrick joined the conversation, and talk turned to Devin’s controlling behavior. Caleb said he would stand up to Devin if he heard him talking to Amber or Christine in a demeaning manner.

Later on, Caleb confronted Devin for putting Brittany up for personal reasons. He said there were multiple alliance members who felt it was better to vote Paola out instead of Brittany. Devin blamed it on Caleb flirting with Amber in the hammock. Caleb told Devin that Amber and Christine were scared to death of him, and he didn’t believe it. Devin went upstairs and talked to himself in the HoH Room. He went back outside and told Caleb there was no more alliance.

Frankie and Derrick learned they were members of the Team America alliance. They were both very excited and promised not to let America down. They were instructed to go to the weight bench at 9 p.m. and use the words “bald eagle” and “apple pie” to figure out who else was a member of Team America. They wondered who the third member was…until Donny came strolling out into the backyard and used the secret phrases.

The houseguests chose players for the Power of Veto Competition. Along with Devin, Paola, and Brittany, Zach, Derrick, and Amber were randomly chosen.

Caleb went up to the HoH Room to apologize to Devin. Devin said what set him off was Caleb saying the women in the house were afraid of him. Caleb said other alliance members felt they should go after the weaker floaters, which he agreed with. Devin explained that leaving Brittany in the house could result in her putting two of them up together. Caleb went on to say others in the house wanted to get rid of Devin. Devin asked Caleb to bring the Bomb Squad upstairs to hash everything out.

Once the alliance assembled, Devin told everyone they needed to get on the same page and agree to send one person home every week. He said they needed to get out strong players, not the floaters. Devin also told them he told Paola she would be safe if she threw the competition. Devin asked who the others wanted to go home, and Amber didn’t give much of an opinion. Zach was honest and said he felt Paola was the weakest player he had ever seen and preferred to send her home. Devin encouraged everyone to keep each other safe.

After everyone left, Zach hung back and told Devin he would be loyal to him until the end. Devin guessed it was Zach who said he wanted him out, and Zach admitted he had, but he didn’t mean it. In the Diary Room, Devin said he found out the weakest link in his alliance.

Next, it was time for the PoV Competition. Devin whispered to Paola that if she threw the competition, he would pull her off the block. In the backyard, the Veto Competition was space-themed. Each houseguest had to hang 10 planets on hanging sticks and get them to balance without touching the ground. It came down to a close race between Derrick and Devin, but it was Devin who won the Power of Veto.

Zach immediately went upstairs to congratulate Devin on the win. Devin asked who Zach would keep in the house, and Zach said it didn’t matter. He felt like he couldn’t trust Zach anymore. Zach told Frankie about the conversation in the Storage Room and couldn’t figure out what he did wrong. Frankie told him he disagreed with Devin and didn’t lie about it – he needed to lie.

Brittany also went upstairs to talk to Devin. She told him she wanted to stay. Devin said he looked at Brittany as a huge threat. Brittany came back with her argument that she wanted a parent to win and had sacrificed a lot to be there. Devin wondered if she would be loyal to him the rest of the game, and she said she would be loyal and stay out of his way. He also confessed to her that Paola threw the Battle of the Block Competition and asked her to keep it a secret.

Devin and Zach talked, and Zach said he told Devin right out how he was feeling after the meeting. He added that he had only been honest with Devin, and if he wanted to put him on the block, he should do it. Devin said the thought hadn’t even crossed his mind until Zach said it.

During the Veto Meeting, Paola said it was probably the only time she was going to shine and modeled for the camera. Brittany wanted to make it clear she wasn’t a threat and hadn’t back-stabbed anyone in the house. She said there were some people in the house who would stab Devin in the back, like with her, and her target was sitting next to her, gesturing to Paola. Devin gave a nice speech about Brittany before removing her from the block. In her place, he nominated Zach. Brittany asked if she could say something, but the episode ended.

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