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'Big Brother 16': Episode 6 recap

Frankie Grande, 'Big Brother' contestant
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

Tonight, July 6, “Big Brother” picked up after Thursday night’s live eviction and Devin and Amber winning the HoH Competitions. Cody was disappointed in himself for messing up and losing the HoH title. Zach tried to cheer him up to keep their game play safe. Devin and Amber took everyone to see their HoH Room. They both read their letters from home to the other houseguests.

Devin started reflecting on his game play and got choked up while thinking about his daughter. He went to talk to Donny to tell him he hadn’t trusted him and thought he was hiding something. Devin also said he was solely responsible for getting Donny nominated the week before, but he didn’t feel that way anymore. (Zach was eavesdropping during the entire conversation).

Devin then called a house meeting and made a tearful speech about forcing Caleb to nominate Donny. Brittany put together the fact that nominations hadn’t been simply because of the first people who fell down, like they previously said. Devin, Derrick, Caleb, and Frankie talked upstairs in the HoH Room, and they told Devin what Brittany said after the meeting. Devin was frustrated with Brittany and wanted her out of the house.

Hayden and Nicole lounged outside and talked. (And flirted). Nicole went to Christine to ask if they should ask him to join their alliance. She agreed with the idea, and the three discussed the alliance in the storage room. To seal the deal, they did an awkward three-person handshake.

Caleb told Devin he was getting a bit lonely without the usual people for him to call and cuddle up with to watch movies. Devin told him he would be there for him, and Caleb got emotional.

Up in the HoH Room, part of the Bomb Squad discussed nominations. Devin wanted to nominate Brittany and Paola, Caleb said Jocasta was the biggest floater, Amber didn’t want to nominate Donny, and Derrick suggested nominating Nicole to divert attention from Devin’s other idea to put up a fellow alliance member.

Devin got snotty with Brittany for leaving hand lotion in the kitchen and not cleaning up. Brittany was annoyed and said he needed to tame himself after he left the room.

During the Nomination Ceremony, Devin revealed he nominated Paola and Brittany for eviction. He told Paola he was giving her another chance to prove she was a warrior and told Brittany she questioned his integrity after he poured his heart out. Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole because she felt they were strong players, and she loves everyone in the house. Devin followed Nicole into a bedroom and told her to come upstairs with Hayden, and he would explain why they were nominated. He promised her they wouldn’t go home.

Brittany and Paola discussed what happened and decided Amber was letting Devin run things, and they were up against two strong players to guarantee one of them was going home. Upstairs, Devin told Hayden he is physically strong, and Nicole is really smart. Devin later told Paola his target was Brittany and wondered if she would ever throw a competition. He promised her he would keep her in the game as long as possible and pinky swore she wouldn’t go home if she threw the Battle of the Block Competition.

Zach, while not gay, developed a strong bond with Frankie. They cuddled, exercised, made up dances, and grew very close.

The Battle of the Block Competition took place at 5 a.m. A message went off alerting the houseguests sleeping and those who were still awake. The backyard was a complete mess, like someone had a party and made a mess. Hayden, Nicole, Paola, and Brittany sat in recliners and looked at photos on a television screen to correctly find answers to questions Derrick asked.

There were also punishments for the team that didn’t answer correctly – Brittany had to wear beer goggles, Hayden had to drink a hangover cure, Brittany had to do a cannonball in the pool, Paola had to wear a leaky beer helmet, and Hayden had to give himself a swirly in the toilet. In the end, Hayden and Nicole won, de-throning Amber as HoH. She also got slushy dumped on her.

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