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'Big Brother 16': Episode 4 recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Tonight, July 2, “Big Brother” picked up after Brittany and Victoria won the first Battle of the Block Competition. The girls celebrated, and Donny and Paola tried to cheer each other up. Donny told her he felt emotional and got choked up. Paola felt bad for doing so poorly in the competition. Donny explained all the young kids being nice to him touched his heart

Devin, Caleb, and Frankie celebrated upstairs in the HoH Room. Devin was excited to see Brittany and Victoria pull through with the win, keeping his plan in tact to get rid of Donny, who he thought was secretly a genius, not a groundskeeper. Devin went downstairs and found Donny crying in bed. Donny explained his feelings and asked Devin to tell the others he wasn’t pouting. Devin didn’t buy it.

Nicole convinced herself there was a ghost in their room, and she and Christine screamed and ran out of the fire room. In the Diary Room, Christine jokingly said she might have to break things off if she didn’t get any sleep for the next 90 days.

Upstairs, Amber and Donny left the HoH Room after Donny showed his legs didn’t have any hair from where his tall socks were. The second he left the room, Caleb said he was ex-military, and the lack of leg hair was because of his army boots. Devin jumped right on the bandwagon, and Frankie looked at them like they were crazy.

As they were trying to sleep, Devin questioned Donny on his occupation, but he assured him he was telling the truth. Devin told him his heart was telling him he was in the military, but Donny said he was never in the military, even though he wanted to be. He talked about his groundskeeper job and his family.

The houseguests were greeted with slopsicles and a note telling Caleb to name four Have Nots. He chose Joey, Hayden, Brittany, and Cody, since they volunteered. This season’s Have Not Room was ice-themed. The beds were made to look like ice cubes, the room was cold, and they only had emergency blankets to cover up with.

Joey rounded up the girls to pitch her all-girl alliance, but none of the others were very receptive. Amber was most clearly not interested and wound up walking away. Derrick noticed what was going on with the girls and told Caleb and Devin upstairs. They agreed to send home the person that stirred the pot the most. Amber later told Caleb she didn’t know what Joey was thinking.

After the all-girl alliance idea failed, Joey decided to just be transparent. She took Devin to play chess and was honest with him – he told her he knew, and that was why he wasn’t talking to her. Devin told Joey he saw her as dangerous and wanted to send her home.

They picked players for the Veto Competition – Caleb, Paola, and Donny each randomly chose one chip. Caleb chose Victoria, Paola chose Zach, and Donny picked Cody. Paola went right to bed and cried after seeing all the strong guys selected for the competition. She felt like she had no chance and that none of them would use the Veto on her. Amber and Jocasta went to try and cheer her up, and Jocasta prayed.

Jocasta hosted the Veto Competition, called “Miami Lice.” Each person had to run around and collect letters in order to try and correctly spell the longest word the fastest. Zach spelled “warning,” Cody misspelled “competitively,” Caleb tried to spell “specialized” but couldn’t find a “p,” Victoria tried to spell “pharmacist” and couldn’t find a “c,” Paola tried to spell “calculators” but was missing a few letters, and Donny correctly spelled “splitters” to win the Power of Veto.

Caleb planned to put Joey up as a replacement nominee, so Joey went upstairs to talk to him and Frankie. She explained she tried to start an all-girl alliance because she thought the guys were in an alliance. Caleb told her it was way too early for alliances. (Sure. For the girls, but not for the guys).

Donny used the Power of Veto on himself. Caleb said he was stuck in a rut and told Joey he was nominating her to have the least amount of blood on his hands after her trying to start an all-girls alliance. He added they didn’t know what she was capable of later on.

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