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'Big Brother 16': Episode 31 recap

Frankie Grande, 'Big Brother' contestant
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

Tonight, Sep. 3, “Big Brother” picked up after the Nomination Ceremony, when Caleb nominated Christine and Nicole for eviction. Christine was very frustrated that she was nominated and talked to herself about how the Bomb Squad always leaves her out of everything. Nicole went to Derrick in the Storage Room and immediately started crying. Derrick told her to win the Veto.

Derrick, Cody, and Caleb talked upstairs in the HoH Room, and Derrick admitted he wouldn’t be that upset if Christine left. He didn’t want to put all of his cards on the table until after he saw who won the Veto.

Nicole and Victoria bonded and got closer with Nicole back in the house. Nicole admitted her biggest mistake had been working with Christine, and they agreed they didn’t like her. They both hoped Nicole would win the Veto and solve their problem.

Derrick tried to build a division between Caleb and Frankie by boosting Caleb’s ego. He also discredited himself and said he did terribly in competitions. Derrick made it clear Caleb could beat him in the final two, whereas he didn’t think he would be able to beat Frankie.

Christine went upstairs to talk to the rest of her alliance, even though she didn’t want to. They assured her that if any of them won the Veto, they would take her down and put Victoria up.

The group gathered to pick players for the Veto Competition. Caleb picked Houseguest’s Choice and selected Cody, Nicole pulled Derrick’s chip, and Christine pulled Victoria’s. Frankie was in disbelief that his chip didn’t get pulled again and even checked inside the bag to find it.

The Veto Competition was bomb-themed. A video was shown at the start of each round, and the houseguests had to answer the question that followed by cutting the appropriate wire. Cody was out after the first round, which also meant he had to wear a dinosaur costume for the week. Caleb was out after the third round, Victoria was out after the fourth, and Nicole and Derrick both went out in the sixth round, meaning Christine won the Power of Veto.

After the competition, Caleb caught Frankie whispering into Christine’s ear. When he got closer, Frankie stopped whispering. Caleb told Cody and Derrick, and all three were suspicious. Cody asked Christine about it, and she said Frankie was commenting he would have made it to the end with Christine.

Cody received his dinosaur outfit, which everyone thought was just the cutest. He went upstairs to tell Caleb what Christine said. The two of them agreed Frankie was undermining them, and they worried he would put them up if he won HoH.

Outside, Caleb talked to Derrick and Christine about the Frankie situation. Christine said she would rather sit next to any of the guys and lose than lose to Frankie. Inside, Derrick and Cody agreed they should send Frankie home.

As they laid in their beds, Nicole told Derrick he was playing the best game so far, and everything he did was strategic. She even compared him to Dan Gheesling, which freaked Derrick out. He decided to stick with the original plan of getting Nicole out and went upstairs to convince Caleb and Cody.

During the Veto Meeting, Christine used the Power of Veto on herself. Caleb said the person he was putting up as a replacement should know they were completely safe. He then nominated Victoria and said the main target for the week was Nicole.

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