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'Big Brother 16': Episode 3 recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Big Brother” started out tonight, June 29, with Frankie and Caleb taking everyone upstairs to see their HoH rooms. Frankie hoped to bond with Caleb this week, and Victoria hoped to use the HoH shower with her pal Frankie in power.

Christine and Nicole bonded over not being skinny toothpicks and wearing nerd glasses as everyone made use of the backyard. Up in the HoH suite, Frankie and Caleb plotted to work together, since no one would see that coming. They agreed to give it a couple more days to see who a target could be. They recruited Devin and Derrick to work with them. They thought Zach and Cody might also be good additions to the alliance, and Caleb suggested they call themselves the “Bomb Squad.” They called Zach and Cody upstairs individually, and both were interested.

Nicole told Christine she felt like she could trust her. Christine agreed, and they decided to work together. Devin called everyone inside to see the screen in the living room, which read “Nominations Today.” Devin pulled Donny into the Storage Room for a pep talk.

Upstairs, Caleb and Frankie debated who to put up. Caleb thought it would be best to put one guy and one girl up each. Brittany, Paola, Hayden, and Victoria were all options.

Caleb and Frankie each made nominations separately. Caleb went first, so Frankie had to choose from the remaining keys. Everyone gathered at the kitchen table for the Nominations Ceremony. Instead of choosing keys, Caleb announced who he chose, and their pictures appeared on a screen. He chose Donny and Paola because they were the first male and female to fall during the HoH Competition. Frankie nominated Victoria and Brittany because they were the first two to fall in the second HoH Competition. Victoria and Brittany were both in tears.

Paola went to Donny and said they were a team and had to fight for each other. Nicole and Christine celebrated their safety in the Storage Room. Caleb cried in the kitchen, and some of the guys comforted him. Frankie took Victoria aside to tell her there was no way she was going home. She didn’t think that would have come from him, and he blamed Caleb for making his nominations first.

Devin took the “Bomb Squad” alliance into his own hands and pulled Christine and Amber aside to invite them into his all-guy alliance. Both girls were completely shocked, and Devin went upstairs to wake Caleb up and tell him. Devin explained they needed to bring two girls into the alliance before calling the girls upstairs. Caleb was in a dead sleep and had no choice but to let the girls into the alliance. Devin told Frankie, Derrick, and Cody about the girls in the morning. None of the guys were happy with Devin’s decision.

As Donny stretched downstairs with Hayden, Amber, Jocasta, and Joey, Devin joined their conversation and continued to develop the theory that Donny wasn’t just a groundskeeper and was playing dumb. Devin raced right upstairs to tell Zach and Frankie how dangerous Donny was, but they were skeptical.

The Battle of the Block Competition was a grand event in the backyard that got the HoHs and nominees outfitted in dresses and suits. The four nominees had to sit on swings, swing back and forth, fill funnels with water, and toss the water to their partners to fill a vase. Paola did horribly and couldn’t get anything over to Donny at first but eventually got the hang of it. It was very close in the end, but Brittany and Victoria pulled through with the win, giving themselves safety and de-throning Frankie as HoH.

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