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'Big Brother 16': Episode 28 recap

Frankie Grande, 'Big Brother' contestant
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

Tonight, Aug. 27, “Big Brother” picked up after the Nomination Ceremony, during which Nicole and Donny were both nominated for eviction. Caleb, Derrick, and Cody all went back to their theory that Donny was a genius, had a mental issue, or was in the intelligence portion of the army.

Upstairs, Derrick and Cody discussed the possibilities of who to put up if Donny or Nicole would come down. Derrick said he didn’t think it was a good idea at this point and felt getting rid of a threat who would come after them would be a better idea.

Donny received Team America’s next mission. This week, the guys had to create their own mission to try and please America. If more than half the voters were satisfied, then the guys would win the money. Donny told Derrick and suggested they try to keep Team America together. He also went to tell Frankie and pitch his idea.

Victoria’s wisdom teeth came in and caused her entire face to swell. She went into the Diary Room for a long time and came out and wouldn’t talk to anyone. She went into the bathroom and fainted. Nicole (the nurse) went in and tried to help her before calling out to Derrick, who called for a medic. The medic came in to help, and Caleb and Derrick carried Victoria into the Diary Room. Eventually, she came out and said she was feeling better.

Derrick and Frankie talked about Donny’s idea to keep the three of them together and save Donny. Both were skeptical and didn’t think America would vote on that as a successful mission.

Christine, Derrick, and Frankie were chosen to play in the Veto Competition with Cody, Nicole, and Donny. Donny went to Derrick to remind him he never did anything to anyone. Derrick explained that everyone was scared of Donny because he had such a big heart and would win against anyone. Frankie interrupted to tell them his idea was to put on a “Big Brother” play. He felt saving Donny was too heavy-handed and said they would worry about that on Tuesday.

Christine and Frankie plotted, knowing the “Stay or Fold” competition had not yet happened this season. They planned to have Frankie be the one to stay every time.

Sure enough, when everyone went outside, the competition was “Stay or Fold.” Everyone had to look at items on display in the backyard before Caleb asked them questions about the larger quantities of items. Frankie ended up going out in the first round, and Donny won a badge. The next three rounds, everyone else folded, and Cody stayed and won all three badges in a row to win the Veto. Cody then invited Nicole and Donny to join him to watch the show “Scorpion” with him, since he nominated them and made them Have Nots for the week.

Cody, Nicole, and Donny watched “Scorpion” and had snacks. Later, Frankie told everyone he wanted to do something fun the next day, like putting on a show. Christine and Cody sarcastically agreed, so they all impersonated houseguests no longer in the house the next day. (Some did better than others).

Cody told Derrick he wanted to use the Veto and put Frankie up. He and Derrick agreed they needed to split up Christine, Caleb, and Frankie soon.

After the Veto Meeting began, Donny said he wanted Cody to use the Veto on him, but he would respect him if he didn’t use it because it was best for his game. Nicole also hoped Cody would use the Veto and was thankful for getting back in the house. Cody decided not to use the Power of Veto because the whole house wanted Donny out, and he didn’t want to go against them.

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