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'Big Brother 16': Episode 27 recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

After Zach was evicted last week, all four jury members got to participate in a competition to try and get back in the house. It was close, but Nicole won. Tonight, Aug. 24, “Big Brother” picked up with everyone hugging Nicole and acting excited she was coming back. Those in the Bomb Squad alliance were really just thinking about ways to get her out of the house a second time. Jocasta hugged Nicole and told her she would be praying for her every night and wanted her to win before they awkwardly kissed each other on the mouth.

Derrick talked to Cody, Frankie, and Caleb about the possibility of Christine blabbing to Nicole. Victoria walked in the room, and they assured her she was safe this week, since they wanted to put Donny and Nicole up. Donny had been talking to all the houseguests, and they exchanged notes on what Donny had been talking to them about.

Back in the kitchen, Nicole and Donny plotted to win HoH and discussed their targets. Caleb walked into the room and caught them before reporting back to the guys in the bedroom.

Next up was the HoH Competition. Everyone was dressed in boxing attire and standing in separate stalls where they couldn’t see each other. Frankie read off questions, and the houseguests had to answer the day in the house that event occurred by punching a button the correct number of times and ringing in to see if the answer was correct. Nicole was eliminated first, Victoria was next, and Christine was eliminated next. Caleb was eliminated after that, followed by Derrick, leaving Cody and Donny to battle it out. Cody ended up winning HoH.

After the competition, Nicole and Donny figured they would go on the block together. Cody took everyone up to his HoH Room, and they were all very excited to check out the pictures. Donny commented that he thought Cody was dumb all summer, but here he was smart. Cody took offense.

Nicole went up to the HoH Rom to talk to Cody. She said she was all alone, and Cody assured her he wanted Donny out. Nicole went on to say she was there to talk about Cody’s game and pointed out that not everyone in his alliance could have his back. She added that he needed to keep people around who would keep him safe and said she could stay around and get rid of people for him while keeping him safe.

Derrick went upstairs next and immediately said Nicole was a huge liar. Cody said he would rather have Nicole around than Christine. They agreed that Christine was unpredictable and only cared about herself.

Up in the HoH Room, Nicole told Cody, Christine, and Victoria about how nice Hayden is and how he made her breakfast every day. They teased her about the two of them being a couple.

Later on, Donny made his way up to the HoH Room while Cody was alone, flipped the lights on, and woke Cody up to talk. He said he expected to be on the block and reminded Cody the rest of the house would keep Victoria because she can’t win anything. Donny said he could help Cody if he was still there, and he and Nicole hadn’t done anything wrong to anybody.

Derrick and Donny sat outside, and the two of them started talking about Team America. Derrick asked what Donny thought about Team America, and Donny said he thought it was all about the beginning, when the three of them said they would have each other’s backs. Derrick said Donny was a target, but it helped him to keep Donny around. He added that he had heard Donny was trying to get him out, but Donny told him everyone has a story.

During the Nomination Ceremony, Cody nominated Nicole and Donny. (Shocker). He explained to Nicole that he loved her as a player and person and thought she would compete and be amazing. Cody told Donny he had been hearing a lot of chatter and heard he said things to other people in the house, so he felt he was a threat.

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