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'Big Brother 16': Episode 25 recap

Frankie Grande, 'Big Brother' contestant
Photo by Larry Busacca

Tonight, Aug. 20, “Big Brother” started out with Donny, who was very excited to have pulled off a victory during the Battle of the Block Competition. He also realized Christine threw the competition and decided he couldn’t trust anyone. The alliance members were up in arms, wondering what to do next, with Donny safe for the week.

Derrick went in by Donny to congratulate him. Donny wasn’t buying it and didn’t say much of anything. When Derrick left the room, Donny put his arms up and shook his head at the camera. Derrick caught part of it and went upstairs to tell Frankie.

Donny talked to Zach in the Storage Room and warned him that he needed to win the PoV. He tried to point out to Zach that he wasn’t as tight with his alliance as he thought. Zach agreed and went upstairs to talk to Frankie, who reiterated the fact that the plan was to backdoor Victoria.

Team America plotted how to complete their next mission. Derrick said they needed to put the items inside a garbage bag inside the recycling bin, and Frankie and Donny agreed. Derrick stole Victoria’s robe, Frankie took Caleb’s cowboy boots, and Donny stole Cody’s hat.

Victoria, Donny, and Christine were chosen to play in the Veto Competition with Frankie, Cody, and Caleb. Later, Zach asked Donny to try his best to win the Veto, and Donny said he would.

The Zingbot then made a comeback, this time handing out compliments. The doorbell rang, and Kathy Griffin walked in. She started making the zings instead – she picked on Caleb for things with Amber, on Victoria for not playing the game, and Zach for cuddling with men and crying.

Then, it was out to the backyard for the Veto Competition. Each person had to complete circuit boards by correctly connecting the wires on all four of their boards. At first, it was a close race between Donny and Frankie, but Donny got stuck at the third board. Caleb came from behind and was close to winning, but Frankie ended up winning the Power of Veto.

The Zingbot came out of the chamber rebooted and full of fresh zings. He teased Frankie about always standing in his sister’s shadow, joked that Donny looked like he was from “Duck Dynasty” but that his social game was like “Suck Dynasty,” and he told Cody the only enemy he made all summer was Christine’s husband.

Zach, Caleb, and Frankie met quickly in the kitchen to discuss Frankie’s next move. Zach and Caleb promised they would keep Frankie safe if he did the same for them. Frankie struggled with the idea of getting rid of Victoria when he could get rid of someone else who was a bigger threat.

Cody noticed his hat was missing, Caleb noticed he was missing his cowboy boots, and Zach discovered his gator shirt was gone. Derrick immediately suggested they start a neighborhood watch, and Zach claimed there was a saboteur. Everyone started accusing Zach of being the saboteur. Sure enough, Caleb and Cody thought to go check in the big garbage bin and found everyone’s missing items. The accusations against Zach didn’t stop, and he was frustrated that no one believed him.

During the Veto Meeting, Frankie used the Power of Veto on Caleb. He replaced Caleb with Zach and rapped, ending it by telling Zach is was time for him and Julie Chen to meet.

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