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'Big Brother 16': Episode 24 recap

Frankie Grande, this week's HoH
Photo by Larry Busacca

After Derrick and Frankie won HoH, “Big Brother” started out tonight, Aug. 17, with Donny worried about going on the block once again. Derrick talked to Caleb and Cody about who to put up. They wanted Zach to go up, and Caleb and Cody didn’t want to volunteer. Victoria wandered in, and Derrick told her she was safe this week. Derrick later talked to her alone and took all the credit for her safety.

Derrick and Frankie talked alone, and they agreed they completely trusted each other. They wanted Derrick to remain HoH. Both guys decided they needed to talk to their other alliance members to figure out who to put up with Donny.

Frankie and Derrick took everyone upstairs to see their HoH Room. Frankie was excited to share recent pictures of his sister, Ariana Grande. Derrick read a letter from his wife, and Frankie read a letter from Ariana.

Donny pulled Derrick aside to see where his head was at. Derrick told Donny he wasn’t the target this week and said he would do everything he could to keep Donny safe. They brainstormed some options of who could go up with Donny to ensure he would win Battle of the Block.

Derrick received the next Team America mission. It was to steal an article of clothing from each member of the house and hide it from them. After that, they had to organize a neighborhood watch to monitor things for 24 hours straight. Derrick relayed the mission to Frankie and Donny.

The Detonators and Caleb gathered in the HoH Room to discuss their options. Frankie explained it was the best idea to keep Victoria off the block and pair Donny with someone who would throw the competition to the other two. No one wanted to go on the block – Cody and Zach didn’t want to throw the competition this late in the game. Caleb went off about how he had volunteered three times, and they kept Zach because they all wanted him there.

In the end, it was decided they would draw Skittles, and each person picked a color. Christine’s color was chosen to go on the block with Donny, and Caleb and Cody were selected to be on the other team. Zach was pretty excited he wasn’t going up, and the others were all aggravated that they were.

Everyone sat in the backyard and watched Cody and Christine flirt in the hammock. They played footage of the two of them flirting throughout the summer, along with everyone’s comments outside and in the Diary Room about Christine’s behavior as a married woman. In the Diary Room, Christine apologized to her husband and told him she was only acting flirtatiously to win them the money.

Upstairs, Caleb told Derrick and Cody he wanted Zach to go home before Victoria. Neither of them disagreed. They worried that Zach would go after someone besides Victoria if he stayed in the house another week.

Frankie, Derrick, and Donny talked in the HoH Room. Derrick explained that Victoria was the target this week and told Donny they pulled Skittles to determine who would go on the block. Donny started to assume the others were all working together, since they kept using “we” while they told him things. Derrick asked Donny to win the Battle of the Block.

During the Nomination Ceremony, Derrick nominated Donny and Christine. He said they had the opportunity to go out there, win, and guarantee their safety for another week. Frankie nominated Caleb and Cody. He joked they had been taunting him with various parts of their bodies all summer and said he also picked their candies out of Derrick’s hat.

The Battle of the Block Competition was held inside the Big Black Box in the backyard. Each team had to go around and collect five bones and put them on their board. Caleb and Cody took the approach of sticking together to collect two bones at a time and take them back to the board, while Christine just pretended to be helpless and couldn’t find any. Donny realized Christine was trying to throw the competition and kicked it into gear on his own trying to find the last bone.

Donny managed to pull it off, and he and Christine won. Derrick was de-throned and covered in orange goop inside the Black Box. Frankie remained HoH and hoped an alliance member would win the Veto Competition.

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