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'Big Brother 16': Episode 22 recap

Frankie Grande, 'Big Brother' contestant
Photo by Angela Weiss

The Frankie drama continued tonight, Aug. 13, on “Big Brother.” After Zach and Donny lost the Battle of the Block Competition, Nicole hoped Christine would hold up her end of the deal and keep her safe. Zach accused Frankie of lying, and Frankie agreed that he had, because it was “Big Brother.” Caleb said they were told Frankie said to put Caleb, Zach, Derrick, and Cody up. Frankie admitted to it.

Derrick walked by and asked the guys to hash things out in private. The moment all five guys relocated to one of the bedrooms, and Frankie revealed he is a You Tube personality, social media mogul, and Ariana Grande is his sister. Cody couldn’t have cared less, but the others were upset. Frankie explained he was playing the game for a charity to build schools in Africa. He said he wanted to work with the guys the most.

Frankie gathered Victoria, Christine, and Nicole in the living room and told them Ariana was his sister. Victoria screamed and couldn’t believe it, and Nicole was also surprised. In the Diary Room, both Christine and Victoria weren’t going to fall for Frankie using his fame as a scapegoat.

The guys all agreed Frankie was using this as a strategy. Zach cried in the Diary Room as he yelled and was upset about Frankie playing for charity – he felt like he was wasting his time.

Derrick had built a relationship with Victoria throughout the summer. He planned to stay true to his final two deal with Cody, but in case Cody wasn’t around at the end, he had Victoria as a back-up.

Derrick, Caleb, and Nicole were chosen to play in the Veto Competition with Christine, Zach, and Donny. Victoria was selected to host and gathered everyone while she wore a hula outfit.

The Veto Competition was the famous OTEV, with a giant penguin reading the houseguests a question about an evicted houseguest. They then had to race off and find the correct card with the answer to the question. With each passing round, there would be one less stool to sit on, and one more houseguest was eliminated if they were the last one back. Donny was out first, followed by Nicole. Christine and Derrick were out next. In the end, Zach beat Caleb out and won the Power of Veto.

Zach pretended everything was fine when talking to Frankie, but said otherwise in the Diary Room. Zach went to make nice with Victoria and told her everything about all the alliances he had been in. Victoria was very upset and felt completely betrayed by Derrick. Nicole found Victoria in a bedroom, so Victoria told her how stupid she felt. Later, Victoria told Zach she felt like she had been cheated on by Derrick. Zach reminded Victoria the two of them would both go home if she told anyone what she knew.

To cover things up, Zach told Derrick that he told Nicole about The Detonators, and she was the one who told Victoria. Derrick pulled the two girls into the HoH Room. He lied and said he wasn’t involved in the alliance. Then, Derrick called Zach, Frankie, Cody, and Caleb upstairs to join the conversation. Zach explained what he did, and Victoria got angry because she didn’t say anything and didn’t want to be blamed.

Derrick, Caleb, and Cody talked about who Christine should put up as a replacement nominee. Caleb and Cody went upstairs to tell Christine that Nicole had planned to backdoor Christine if Caleb and Frankie lost the Battle of the Block. Caleb didn’t care if he twisted the truth, as long as his alliance was safe.

During the Veto Meeting, Zach used the Power of Veto on himself. Christine said she was going to take the knife out of her back and return it to its owner so it couldn’t be used again. She nominated Nicole in Zach’s place.

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