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'Big Brother 16': Episode 21 recap

Frankie Grande, 'Big Brother' contestant
Photo by Larry Busacca

After Thursday night’s double eviction, “Big Brother” picked up tonight, Aug.10, with some of the drama that went on during the live show. Nicole had a complete meltdown and started crying in the bathroom. Donny tried to comfort her, and her sadness quickly turned to anger. She called Christine out in the kitchen before telling Frankie he had been in an alliance with her, Hayden, and Christine. Frankie said Nicole made him an offer, but they were never in an alliance.

Nicole said Frankie had even tried to get Zach out. Zach was starting to believe it all, but he still wanted to give Nicole a hard time. Zach teased Nicole and asked her to dance, but she told him she didn’t want to because she didn’t like him. Caleb also started to believe what everyone was saying about Frankie and Christine.

Then, it was time for the HoH Competition. It was played tournament-style, with each houseguest going head-to-head against another to read an eye chart and answer the question it asked by ringing in with a one or two to answer to question. Nicole eliminated Cody, Victoria eliminated Derrick, Christine eliminated Donny, and Zach eliminated Frankie. In the second round, Nicole beat out Victoria for HoH, and Christine beat out Zach to win the second HoH title.

Frankie and Christine talked briefly. Nicole and Christine were glad to have won HoH together. They talked about who they wanted to put up, and Frankie interrupted to tell Nicole he was working with the other side of the house. Frankie offered for him and Christine to flip to Nicole’s side with Donny and Victoria to work against the other four guys.

Zach pulled Nicole aside to talk to her, and she flat out said she didn’t trust him. Zach told Nicole about The Detonators, and Nicole said she had an alliance with Cody, but it fell through. Nicole was hesitant to work with Zach because of his big mouth.

Zach went to Caleb and told him that Nicole said Frankie told her to put up Zach, Cody, Derrick, and Caleb. Caleb told Derrick and Cody, and Zach joined their conversation. The guys plotted for Nicole to put Frankie up instead.

Derrick talked to Nicole up in the HoH Room about the idea of putting Zach up with Frankie. Nicole asked Caleb to join their conversation, and Caleb backed Derrick up. Nicole even confessed to Caleb that Frankie made her lie to him about things Amber said about him. Caleb volunteered to go up with Frankie and throw the Battle of the Block Competition.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Christine nominated Donny and Zach. She explained that Donny was very good at the game and intelligent, and Zach put her up, so she was returning the favor. Nicole nominated Caleb and Frankie. She said she nominated Caleb with no intention of him going anywhere, and she nominated Frankie because she couldn’t trust him anymore. Zach called Christine and Frankie huge liars. Frankie was confused by Zach’s outburst, and Donny hoped he and Zach would win the competition.

Zach told Caleb and Nicole that Frankie and Christine were dead to him, and he wasn’t talking to either of them for the rest of the summer. Frankie walked into the room, and Zach promptly walked out.

Frankie asked Zach why he was so mad at him, and Zach said he didn’t have to explain himself. Christine walked into the bathroom area, and Zach walked away again. Frankie said he was the reason Zach was still there, and his game was blown because of it.

The Battle of the Block Competition was football-themed, advertising Thursday Night Football, which is coming to CBS in the fall. Frankie figured out Caleb was going to throw the competition and begged him not to. He told him he needed him in the game and asked him to give him another chance. Caleb said Frankie was the reason Amber was out and listed off everyone Frankie had thrown under the bus. He then basically told Frankie he had to play the game himself and sat down.

During the competition, both teams had to work together to pull a chain on each side of a long, skinny board to drop a ball into 10 different slots in various spots going up the board. Frankie had quite a hard time getting going, trying to hold both chains on his own, but he came from behind and won after Zach tried to play on his own, removing himself and Caleb from the block and de-throning Nicole as HoH. That also meant Frankie, Caleb, and Christine would be leaving the house for a special tailgate reward.

In Frankie’s victory celebration, he shouted it was for his grandpa and Ariana, before yelling out, “Go Team Grande!” No one seemed to notice, but in the Diary Room, he said it might be time to tell everyone his secret and reveal his sister’s real identity.

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