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'Big Brother 16': Episode 2 recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

The two-night “Big Brother” premiere continued tonight, June 26. They showed last night’s recap, and Julie Chen once again reminded everyone this will be one twisted summer. She said the next eight houseguests had no idea eight others were already inside the house.

They showed short clips of the remaining eight contestants. Victoria is Jewish and grew up in Israel, Caleb called himself a metrosexual country boy, Brittany has three kids and is coming out of a 10-year marriage, Christine is a barista who is also a “Big Brother” fanatic, Derrick worked in undercover narcotics, Zach is an unemployed recent college graduate, Jocasta is a minister, and Hayden is a Pedicab driver.

Julie welcomed the final eight and told them there were already eight houseguests in the house. She assured them one of them would also be crowned HoH before telling Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, and Hayden they could enter the house. After they got settled, she told Victoria, Zach, Brittany, and Derrick they could also enter.

Everyone hugged and started getting to know each other as they sat around the giant kitchen table. Derrick lied about being a police officer, and everyone was shocked Brittany had three kids. Victoria and Frankie started talking and got along really well. Paola started talking to Caleb, who said he thought he would win HoH and doesn’t throw anything. Donny started making whistling noises like a cricket. Zach was a bit harsh with Frankie after learning where he went to high school and that he had been on Broadway.

Then, it was time for the second group to participate in the HoH Competition. All eight of them sat on a giant “barbecue spit” balancing over “coals” in the ground. The spit slowly rotated around and switched directions. Victoria was the first to drop. After that, barbecue sauce sprayed on everyone, and Brittany dropped, followed by Jocasta. Christine was down next, followed by Zach and Derrick, who both dropped on purpose. Caleb showed off for everyone, and Hayden eventually dropped, making Caleb the second HoH.

Julie called everyone to the living room and told the houseguests two Heads of Household would be crowned each week. They would each nominate two houseguests. There would also be a new competition called the “Battle of the Block,” during which all four contestants nominated would compete against each other. The winning team would remove themselves from the block and also de-throne the HoH who nominated them.

Julie then revealed the first member of the Team America alliance was Joey. Joey entered the Diary Room and read the letter explaining what Team America meant. She thanked America for choosing her and said she accepted any challenges that would come her way.

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