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'Big Brother 16': Episode 19 recap

Frankie Grande, 'Big Brother' contestant
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

Tonight, Aug. 6, “Big Brother” started out after Jocasta and Zach lost the Battle of the Block Competition. Zach was frustrated, Jocasta was determined to win PoV, and Caleb didn’t want to shave his head. Nicole was happy to have survived and for her nominees to be in place, but her target was still Frankie. Caleb continued to complain about shaving his head, and Zach reminded him that he at least was still in the game.

Upstairs, Frankie asked Nicole who her target was, so she told him Zach. He also wanted to know who she would choose for houseguest’s choice, and she said she wasn’t sure. Frankie assured Nicole he would keep the nominations the same and was onboard with voting Zach out.

Caleb and Victoria went into the Diary Room to get chained together and change into their fig leaf attire. Then, Victoria had to shave Caleb’s head.

Cody, Derrick, Hayden, and Nicole solidified their alliance in the HoH Room. Nicole was so happy she wanted to cry, and Hayden was ready to make moves. Cody suggested they call their alliance Quadropolis. They then went with Hayden’s suggestion of The Rationale.

Downstairs, Christine told Nicole that Zach thought he was safe. Christine felt she and Nicole were drifting apart. They talked about who else Nicole would put up, and Christine suggested Cody or Derrick. She went on to say that Hayden wanted Zach to stay and threw in there that Zach told her Hayden had made out with Victoria. Nicole talked to Hayden in the HoH Room, and the two figured out Christine was lying. Nicole was angry that Christine had tried to manipulate her that way and turn her against Hayden.

Nicole also told Cody what happened. He immediately went to tell Derrick, and the two assumed Christine was working with Frankie. Cody said they needed to get Frankie out.

They picked players for the Veto Competition – besides Nicole, Jocasta, and Zach, Christine, Caleb, and Victoria were chosen to play. Zach thought he had a great chance to win, and Nicole was bummed no one she wanted was chosen to play.

Caleb and Victoria struggled to get along as they were chained together for 48 hours. Caleb spent many hours watching Victoria get ready and thought she was annoying, but he admitted just a small part of him enjoyed it.

The Detonators alliance met. Zach thought as long as Jocasta didn’t win the Veto, he was set. Christine went with it, but in the Diary Room, she made it clear she would not vote to keep Zach.

During the Veto Competition, each houseguest competed individually by riding a zipline past a window to peer in and memorize 16 different comic book covers, featuring each of the houseguests as a superhero. They then had to organize their own set of comic book covers and choose the right one, since there were duplicate covers that were slightly different in their stack.

Victoria was the only one who didn’t finish in the 35 minutes allotted. Zach got so frustrated that he threw all the magazine covers around before realizing that he had mixed up the order of two of them. After that, he sulked outside, knowing he blew it. Once everyone finished, all the houseguests went outside, and Frankie revealed their times: Nicole finished 30 seconds after Christine, meaning Christine won the Power of Veto.

Inside, The Detonators gathered again, and Zach started begging Christine to use the Veto on him. Christine wasn’t sure if she wanted to use the Veto or keep the nominations the same.

After their 48-hour punishment, Caleb and Victoria detached from one another in the backyard. They received some pathetic claps from the other houseguests.

Nicole and Hayden cuddled in the HoH Room. Hayden still couldn’t believe what Christine said about him and Victoria. Nicole wanted Christine to use the Veto so she could put Frankie up, but she and Hayden were happy knowing either Zach or Frankie would go home this week.

At the Veto Meeting, Zach told a joke when Christine gave him a chance to tell Christine why she should use the Veto on him. Jocasta wasn’t sure how to top that and said she wouldn’t hold it against Christine if she didn’t use it. With that, Christine announced she was not using the Power of Veto. Her plan was to work to get Zach out. Nicole was disappointed her plan to backdoor Frankie was dead, but she at least could get Zach out.

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