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'Big Brother 16': Episode 18 recap

Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother'
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

The “Big Brother” HoH Competition finished up tonight, Aug. 3., after they ran out of time during Thursday night’s live show. Julie read the five remaining houseguests in the competition a tiebreaker question, and it was Nicole and Donny who beat out Zach, Hayden, and Caleb to win HoH this week. Zach put on a show to make it seem he was very upset, but really, he was glad to have lost to avoid putting a bigger target on his back.

Jocasta struggled with the loss because she really needed to see her family or hear from them in a letter. Derrick walked in the room and tried to comfort her to make her feel better as she cried.

Donny and Nicole sat down together to figure out who to nominate this week – they didn’t want to nominate Hayden. They agreed they wanted to shake things up this week. Donny commented that Cody, Frankie, and Derrick hadn’t been nominated at all thus far. Zach then told Nicole she could put him up as they talked in the Storage Room. He tried to figure out who her target was.

Frankie and Derrick felt like they should be safe this week, since they had kept Donny safe during their reins as HoH. They also told each other they gave up $10,000 for not accepting the last Team America mission to respect Donny’s wishes, so he should keep them safe. Nicole told Derrick she was considering back-dooring Frankie, so he lied and said he would go along with the plan if it came to fruition.

Nicole and Donny took everyone up to see their HoH Room. Nicole got a letter from her friend, Mariah. Donny’s letter was from his girlfriend, Christine. They both read their letters to the others and fought back tears.

Caleb talked to Donny in the bathroom to try and plea his case. Caleb didn’t want to go up on the block and said he especially didn’t want to go up on the block with Victoria. In the Diary Room, Donny said he shouldn’t have told him that.

Donny told Derrick he wasn’t going to nominate him. Derrick thanked him. Frankie walked in the room, and Donny told him he was also safe. They all wanted Donny to remain HoH this week. Donny asked who they thought the target should be, and Derrick said the easy targets were Victoria and Jocasta. Frankie tried not to chime in, since he didn’t want to get any additional blood on his hands.

Nicole, Donny, and Hayden talked upstairs in the HoH Room. They thought Donny should put Caleb and Victoria up, and Nicole would put Zach and Jocasta up. Nicole also revealed her plan would be to backdoor Frankie and put him up next to Zach if Caleb and Victoria would win the Battle of the Block.

Zach went upstairs to talk to Nicole. He told Nicole he didn’t want to be put up and said he thought it would be in Nicole’s best interests to put up weak players. Nicole again assured him he was not the target this week.

During the Nomination Ceremony, Nicole nominated Jocasta and Zach. She told Jocasta it was strictly a game move, and she was sorry. Nicole then told Zach that after last week, she figured he saw this coming. Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria. He told Caleb he nominated him because he was the first person to nominate Donny, and if he survived this week, they were square. Donny told Victoria her blood had been on many people’s hands, so now it was on his.

Jocasta and Zach talked and agreed communication was key during the Battle of the Block Competition. Jocasta was happy to be with Zach, as opposed to when she was paired with Victoria the previous week. Victoria and Caleb also talked. Victoria also said communication was the most important part of the competition, and she said she just wanted to win the competition.

The Battle of the Block Competition was called “Domino Effect.” Each team had to set up giant dominoes to create a chain and knock down at least three gold domino punishments. Both teams tested out their dominoes at the same time, but they both had to redo a section to get them all to fall down. Caleb and Victoria ended up winning, and Donny was dunked in the dunk tank.

Because they won, Caleb and Victoria had three punishments to ensure: they each had to be on slop for two weeks, one of them had to shave the other’s head, and they had to wear fig leaf bathing suits and stay chained together for 48 hours. Jocasta and Zach were disappointed in the loss. Zach blamed himself, and Jocasta vowed to win PoV.

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