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'Big Brother 16': Episode 16 recap

Frankie Grande, this week's HoH
Photo by Jamie McCarthy

Tonight, July 30, “Big Brother” picked up after Christine and Nicole won the Battle of the Block Competition. Frankie was excited to stay in the HoH Room, and Zach was happy his friend could remain HoH. Nicole and Christine celebrated their victory with Hayden in the Have Not Room while Jocasta tried to cheer up a crabby, crying Victoria.

Zach told Cody and Frankie they were in an alliance with Hayden called “The Bros.” They lounged in the HoH Room and watched the others on the cameras. Zach decided to go downstairs and eat in front of Nicole and Christine, since they were Have Nots. He offered them food, and Nicole told him she was just trying to eat some slop. He told her, “That’s what you get for being lazy,” and she walked out of the room.

Upstairs, Frankie and Cody talked about Zach’s behavior. They compared him to Devin and said the others would want them to nominate Zach if they could. Later, Frankie told Zach they just needed to have a calm week. Still trying to accomplish Team America’s mission, Frankie suggested Zach make another speech at the Veto Meeting.

Nicole did a striptease in the backyard to remove her Germitard. It was awkward, but Hayden seemed to enjoy it.

Hayden put his arm around Victoria to ask that she pick him to play in the Veto Competition the next day if she got houseguest’s choice. She agreed. Nicole and Amber watched from across the yard, and Nicole wondered if they were making out because of how close they stood to one another. Hayden teased her but eventually told her nothing happened.

Things turned serious again as Derick received a letter in the Diary Room telling him that his grandfather passed away. He brought the letter out for the others to read, but he told them he needed time for himself and cried in the Have Not Room. In the letter, Derrick’s family told him not to leave and encouraged him to stay in the game.

Caleb continued to struggle with his feelings for Amber, and Frankie and Zach continued to stay close as they slept together and snuggled in the HoH bed.

The houseguests picked players for the Veto Competition. Aside from Frankie, Jocasta, and Victoria, Donny, Hayden (who Victoria chose as houseguest’s choice), and Christine were also selected to play. Zach and Frankie couldn’t believe their luck in choosing players. Amber commented to them asking that everyone have each other’s backs this week. She felt nominations should stay the same.

The houseguests lounged in the living room, and Amber walked in to join them. Caleb immediately stood up and went upstairs to the HoH Room to talk to Frankie and Jocasta. They consoled him, and Frankie tried to make Amber out as the bad guy.

During the Veto Competition, each houseguest had to gallop their mechanical horse 60 times, use 30 seconds to stack gold bars on top of a horseshoe, and then return to their horse to gallop again. If they didn’t make it back to the horse before their 30 seconds ran out, the only way to get back in the game was to go on slop for a week, which Jocasta did when she ran out of time.

Frankie was leading, but all of his gold bars fell down. Christine thought she won and buzzed in, but she actually had gold bars lying on the ground. That left it open for Hayden, who won the Power of Veto.

Hayden told Frankie, Zach, and Cody that he planned to use the Veto on Victoria. They told him about the plan to backdoor Amber, and Hayden was completely comfortable with it.

Amber went up to the HoH Room, and Caleb immediately left. Zach asked Amber why they broke up, and she said Caleb was blowing everything out of proportion. Zach went to Caleb to tell him what Amber said…sort of. Caleb told Frankie to pretend to backdoor Amber. Caleb thought he was in control of Amber’s game and the house, in general. Frankie said he liked the idea and went along with it.

Frankie, Donny, and Derrick met in the HoH Room to discuss Team America’s mission. Frankie explained that they were still his number one priority. He told Donny it was likely the Veto would be used, and they were going to put Amber up as a replacement nominee. They planned for Zach to blow up at Amber. Donny couldn’t wait to watch it all unfold.

Hayden gathered everyone for the Veto Meeting. He let Jocasta and Victoria give reasons why he should use the Veto on them. Jocasta said she is a very trustworthy and loyal person, and Hayden is not her target at all. Victoria reminded everyone that she is a true competitor and that she had asked Hayden to play on her behalf. Hayden then used the Power of Veto on Victoria, and Frankie nominated Amber as a replacement nominee, saying there were only so many times he could ask if he could trust her.

Hayden was about to end the meeting, but Zach jumped up to defend Caleb. He talked about how Caleb gave Amber blankets when she was cold in the Have Not Room and reminded her Caleb ate a pickle for her when he hates pickles and almost threw up in the kitchen. Amber didn’t retaliate, and Team America failed its first mission.

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