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'Big Brother 16': Episode 15 recap

Frankie Grande, 'Big Brother' contestant
Photo by Larry Busacca

After Thursday night’s live eviction, tonight, July 27, “Big Brother” picked up right after Zach and Frankie won HoH. Zach was ready to go after Amber because Christine told him Amber was trying to get girls together to get rid of the guys, starting with Zach. Zach and Frankie briefly talked, and Donny and Jocasta figured they would be nominated together.

Zach told Caleb he was ready to put Amber up, since she was coming after him. Caleb went to Amber to try and talk to her. Amber tried to figure out who was saying things, but Caleb wouldn’t tell her. She told Caleb if she was nominated, she would reveal their whole alliance.

Zach and Frankie got their HoH Room, and Frankie went right to the pictures of his grandfather. He was also excited he got a Justin Bieber CD.

Frankie talked to Christine, and Zach walked in and interrupted. He told Christine she was taking one for the team because he wanted her to throw the Battle of the Block Competition. His plan was to nominate her alongside Amber, have her throw the competition, and then send Amber home. Christine was completely against it and refused.

The houseguests learned that Caleb hated pickles. Amber couldn’t believe it and wondered if he would eat a pickle to go out on a date with her. So, Caleb ate a pickle, and the two of them went on a date in the backyard. Caleb got everything set up and lit a candle for them near the pool. Amber was impressed. Caleb said he wanted to sit down with Amber once a week to learn something about her that no one else would know.

Zach talked to Frankie and Cody up in the HoH Room about his plan to get rid of Amber. He didn’t understand why Christine wouldn’t do as he asked. Frankie worried that Zach was turning into a villain, and Cody tried to talk Zach out of his plan.

Nicole went upstairs to talk to Zach alone, and he asked her who he should put up. He explained his plan and how Christine wouldn’t throw the competition. Zach asked if he could trust her and told Nicole he wanted to tell her everything. He didn’t come right out and say it, but he warned Nicole that Christine may not be completely trustworthy. Nicole went to talk to Christine, and Christine continued to lie to Nicole and wouldn’t tell her about being part of The Detonators alliance.

Derrick and Cody started to make a final two deal, which, of course, meant they needed another new alliance name. They decided on The Hitmen.

Donny received Team America’s next mission: to get two houseguests into a heated argument that lasted at least 20 seconds during the Nomination Ceremony or Veto Meeting. He told both Frankie and Derrick the news.

Zach practiced his speeches upstairs in the HoH Room, and he said he was going to tell Christine the dictionary would have her picture next to the definition of a floater. Derrick and Frankie ate his speech up, hoping it would help them achieve their mission.

Amber went upstairs to talk to Zach, since she was worried about going home. It was in the middle of the night, so Zach tried to push her off, but she said she would rather he talk to her instead of going through Caleb. Zach pretended everything was fine and hugged her, but he still planned to backdoor her.

Frankie nominated Jocasta and Victoria for eviction and told them it was a strategic move. He felt nominating two people he already nominated would not get any additional blood on his hands. Zach nominated Christine and Nicole. He used his line of Christine being a floater. He told Nicole she knew a lot about “Big Brother” and called her a “fruit loop dingus” who didn’t see her nomination coming. Nicole was laughing and crying after the Nomination Ceremony.

Christine talked to Zach in the Storage Room with Cody in there as well. Zach told Christine he knew she was mad at him, and she said she wasn’t mad at him for the nominations – she was mad for what he said to Nicole about not being able to trust her. Zach denied it and walked out.

Jocasta tried to calm down a crying Victoria by telling her they were going to win. “I keep winning everything,” Victoria said. Amber joined them, and Jocasta continued trying to make Victoria feel better.

The Battle of the Block Competition was wedding-themed. Each team was dressed like the bride and groom and harnessed in. They had to pile circular pieces on top of each other to resemble a wedding cake and then climb all the way to the top of the cake. Christine and Nicole made it on their first try, but Jocasta and Nicole fell down and couldn’t make it to the top. Zach then had a cake thrown at his face (which missed), and he was de-throned as HoH.

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